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National Office Staff Directory

National Office Contact Information

USA Hockey, Inc.
1775 Bob Johnson Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906-4090
Phone: (719) 576-USAH (8724)
Fax: (719) 538-1160
Website Support

Executive Director

Name Title Email Extension
Pat Kelleher Executive Director
Talli Brech Executive Assistant 165

Legal/Human Resources

Name Title Email Extension
Casey Jorgensen General Counsel 143
Amber Rayfield Director, Human Resources 175
Ben Tronnes Associate General Counsel 103
Don Pino Manager, Safe Sport Program 150
Lauren Tesler Specialist and Paralegal, Safe Sport Compliance 145

Hockey Development

Name Title Email Extension
Bob Mancini Assistant Executive Director, Hockey Development 179
Ken Martel Senior Director, Player & Coach Development 181
Mark Tabrum Director, Youth Hockey 185
Roger Grillo Director, Player Development
Dan Brennan Director, Sled National Teams 177
Scott Paluch Director, Player Development
Scott Zelkin Director, Advanced Officiating Development
Helen Fenlon Manager, Officiating Administration 127
Kevin Margarucci Manager, Player Safety 161
Joe Bonnett Manager, Player Development 108
Guy Gosselin Manager, Player Development
Rich Hansen Manager, Player Development 112
Dan Jablonic Manager, Player Development
Kristen Sagaert Manager, Player Development 218
Heather Mannix Manager, Education and Player Development
Steve Thompson Manager, Player Development - Goaltending
Elizabeth Cohen Manager, Youth Hockey 191
Brent Seidel Manager, Coaching Education Program
BJ Ringrose Manager, Youth Officiating Development 121
Billy Hancock Coordinator, Youth Officiating
Zach Nowak Coordinator, Coaching Education Program
Tim Serratore Coordinator, Coaching & Officiating Education 210
David Lassonde U.S. National Goaltending Coach 322
Andrew Bruggeman Coordinator, Youth Officiating Development
Robert Hearn Manager, Officiating Education Program

Hockey Operations

Name Title Email Extension
John Vanbiesbrouck Assistant Executive Director, Hockey Operations 388
Katie Million Director, Women's National Team Programs
Marc Boxer Director, Junior Hockey 147
Scott Aldrich Manager, Hockey Operations 174
Nick Bryant Operations Manager, Women's National Team Programs
Kelley Olsen Manager, International Hockey 162
Katie Homan Athletic Trainer


Name Title Email Extension
Kevin Erlenbach Assistant Executive Director, Membership 119
Stephanie Jackson Director, Diversity and Inclusion 154
Katie Holmgren Director, Program Services 120
Kim Folsom Director, Member Services 125
Josh Holmes Director, Adult Hockey
Brandon Beaver Manager, Disabled Hockey 113
Susan Hunt Manager, Membership Services 132
Tina Kish Mansinghani Manager, Program Services 128
Chris Liang Manager, Program Services 141
Thomas Dreisbach Manager, Program Services 118
Susan Peterson Coordinator, Administration & Player Transfers 216
Erin Mensay Regional Specialist, Membership Services 129
Natalia Depauw Regional Specialist, Membership Services 135
Julie Rebitski Regional Specialist, Membership Services 131
Logan Spellman Coordinator, Adult Hockey 215

Marketing, Communications & Events

Name Title Email Extension
Tony Driscoll Assistant Executive Director of Marketing, Communications, & Events 158
Dave Fischer Senior Director, Communications 171
Matt Tabrum Director, Partnership Sales 184
Dana Ausec Director, Creative Services 173
Justin Felisko Managing Editor, Content 170
Madison Brown Director, Events 167
Taryn Cass Coordinator, Events 513
Nicole Guetzke Manager, Brand Marketing 115
Seamus Kelley Coordinator, Communications 512
Melissa Katz Manager, Communications 169
Robert Sanchez Manager, Marketing and Sponsor Services 126
Taylor Swierc Manager, Digital Content 144
Brianna Rhone Coordinator, Digital Content 176
Summer Dutton Specialist, Digital Content
Clara Boudette Brian Fishman Fellow 172

Finance, IT & Administration

Name Title Email Extension
Kelly Mahncke Assistant Executive Director, Finance and Administration 178
Frances Pearson Senior Director, Accounting 151
Wayne Jones Director, Projects Administration 134
Pam McCraw Director, Accounting 156
Mark Hilberg Senior Director, IT 187
Terry Caron Manager, Software Development 140
Michelle Romo Specialist, Accounts Payable 155
Brad Kauhane Manager, Facilities Operations 105
Karen Hackman Manager, Insurance & Employee Benefits 152
Pam Gibson Accountant 153
Lia Lang Accountant 122
Kevin Buckner Specialist, Warehouse and Inventory 104
Brian Hong Analyst, Senior Programmer
Brian Merrifield Systems Administrator 133
James Schecter Systems Technician 148
Lynn Pionkowski Analyst, Application Support 137

USA Hockey Foundation

Name Title Email Extension
Tami Tranter Chief Development Officer 164
Sheila May Director, Donor Relations 107
Kristina Stockburger Manager, Annual Giving 106

U.S. Ice Rinks Association

Name Title Email Extension
Jeff Theiler Chief Operating Officer 149
John Monteleone Director, Education 214