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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

USA Hockey is committed to fostering a welcoming environment for all by building a diverse, equitable and inclusive game.

We celebrate every race, gender and background to unite as one community.

We believe meaningful action can positively affect important change in our sport and carry over into our everyday lives.



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Lessons In Social Justice & Racism

Willie O'Ree changed hockey forever on January 18, 1958 as the first black player in the NHL. His journey of resilience and determination was showcased in the documentary Willie. Now, you can facilitate a meaningful lesson around social justice and racism through Willie's experience using the educator's guide, a tool for parents, teachers, clubs and coaches. 


Zero-Tolerance Policy

USA Hockey has a zero-tolerance policy against language that is offensive, hateful or discriminatory in nature anywhere in the rink before, during or after the game. The use of such language will result in an automatic match penalty.



The 2020-21 Season & Beyond

USA Hockey's efforts around diversity, equity and inclusion continue to be a priority. 

Education is a big action item not only this year, but moving forward. On the youth hockey side, we're taking steps to develop education modules around empathy and anti-racism. 

Work on cultural competency education and training has begun with Bill Proudman conducting sessions with USA Hockey senior staff. These efforts will continue throughout the season with initial sessions for varying groups, including the executive committee, USA Hockey staff and District/Affiliate leadership, planned for this Fall. 

In addition, RISE sessions for volunteer leaders began in July and are anticipated to be conducted monthly. 

USA Hockey is also launching an initiative called Let's Grow Forward focused on racial equity to enhance outreach, engagement and advancement methods to attract and retain people of color at every level in USA Hockey. 



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