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Tenured Officials

The USA Hockey Tenured Official category was designed to reward officials who demonstrate dedication to the USA Hockey Officiating Program. This status aims to recognize USA Hockey officials who are committed to long-term officiating development and making the game of hockey better in their local community.

Officials who have been completely registered at Level 3 or Level 4 for the three consecutive seasons prior to attending an Officiating Symposium.

Officials applying for Tenured status will be required to attend an Advanced Officiating Symposium.  There will be one Advanced Symposium conducted each season and locations will rotate around the country.  The Symposium will start Friday afternoon and run through Sunday morning.


Essentially, it is a reward program for those officials who have shown a level of commitment and loyalty to USA Hockey over the years.  The primary objectives of the symposium will be to:

  • Provide advanced level education.
  • Instill a sense of loyalty to USA Hockey and pride in membership.
  • Foster local leadership and the sharing of resources by our most dedicated group of grassroots officials in an effort to promote a positive hockey environment at the local level. 

We will also use the opportunity to celebrate the best that USA Hockey has to offer and the art of officiating.

Officials applying for the Advanced Officiating Symposium are responsible for the Symposium Registration Fee, Travel, Housing Accommodations and Meals.

Once the official attends the Symposium his or her modified Tenured registration requirements begin immediately, and Tenured status will remain as long as the official continues to register with USA Hockey as an official each season.

"The organization of the event was well orchestrated and executed. The powerful message to the grassroots officials to help mentor and develop young officials, a theme throughout the symposium, was heard loud and clear - as it should be. A fantastic learning opportunity, which I would take part in again."

- 2022 AOS Attendee

"I have never attended a conference where the attendees have been so engaged and passionate throughout.  It was energizing to be in the room with them all and the impact you and the program you have developed has on each and every one of them will be phenomenal."
Joy Johnston  -  Ice Hockey U.K. Manager of Officiating


Due to reformatting of the Advanced Officiating Symposium program, the next symposium will be postponed to 2025.

"I had a great weekend, the last day came all too soon and I wish it ran for longer. Only time will tell but I truly believe that the AOS will be the turning point in my officiating career."
2022 AOS Attendee

"The time and effort of each individual speaker, and the behind-the-scenes organization of the event is greatly appreciated. What a great program USA Hockey has developed to reward officials' commitment to officiating!"
2021 AOS Attendee


  • An official who was Level 3 the prior season and obtains Tenured status will be considered Level 3 Tenured.
  • An official who was Level 4 the prior season and obtains Tenured status will be considered Level 4 Tenured.
  • An official who has obtained Level 3 Tenured status may advance to Level 4 Tenured status by successfully completing ALL normal Level 4 registration requirements for one season.

Once Tenured Official status is earned, the official will receive a substantial reduction in annual Membership Registration requirements. The required steps will be,

A Tenured Official will NOT need to,

  • Attend an annual Classroom Seminar
  • Complete the standard Online Seminar Module training for their respective level.

Level 3 or 4 Tenured Official status will remain as long as the official continues to register with USA Hockey as an official each season.


"It was fantastic. I’ve already reserved a spot for our local seminars to give a brief synopsis of the major take aways. Was just what my skill set needed."

"Everyone did a great job! This was a very successful event. I meat some new people and we had some very good side discussions about topics presented and topics not presented that we all face."

"I appreciate the time that the RIC's put together to make this happen. This is something I suggested many years ago and I was glad to see it take off. I really think USA Hockey hit a home run with this."

"The inaugural Symposium is going to be difficult to top. I say a job well-done, and if you can bring on a better product in the future, I would be amazed!"

"The experience had helped to rekindle my love for the game and the need desire to grow the same in others."

"I thought the symposium was great. I think the grass-roots officials really appreciated the opportunity to rub elbows with some of the current and former NHL officials, who despite having been at the pinnacle of the profession are down to earth people and extremely approachable, and fun to be around."

"I was impressed with all of instructors/speakers and found myself in awe of all the officiating knowledge in one room. I had the opportunity to meet some great people and develop resources I can use to further my officiating knowledge."

"The symposium has topped off my batteries, and I'm very excited to start my season. This has been a great experience."