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Pond Hockey

2024 USA Hockey Pond Hockey National Championships

Check back here for updated event details, registration information for the 2024 Pond Hockey National Championships and more! 

The 2023 USA Hockey Pond Hockey National Championships took place at the Rinks at the Derby Complex from Feb. 10-12, 2023, in Eagle River, Wisconsin.

Thank you to our dedicated local volunteers and the staff at the Derby complex!  

Weekend highlights included:

  • Check-in party Feb 9th including music, expanded concessions and cornhole tournament.
  • Music, concessions and cornhole events throughout the weekend between games!
  • Team beer provided by Coors, the Official Beer Sponsor of the USA Hockey Pond Hockey National Championships
  • Limited edition USA Hockey Pond Hockey merchandise

Scroll through the page for all tournament information.




2023 Champions

Beginner Beaver Trappers Beaver Trappers 4
Intermediate 21+ Mucky Deep Scranton Stranglers
Intermediate 30+ AM Lumber 7 AM Lumber 4
Intermediate 40+ Pink Socks Milwaukee Pondcocks
Intermediate 50+ Falcons Weakened Warriors
Bronze 21+ Morning Sherwood’s CLO
Bronze 30+ Butchers Union Bucci Mane
Bronze 40+ Dangle Berries Bucky’s Locker Room
Bronze 50+ Flying Elbows Which
Silver 21+ Williams Construction The Red Liners
Silver 30+ Press Box Ice Cocks Tribute to the Pub
Silver 40+ Silver Eagle Bar and Grill Beached Whalers
Gold Huskies Steny’s Bar – Milwaukee
Tin Can Faded Sharks
60+ Red Wing Slap Shot Distillery
Warrior MN Warriors
Women’s Beginner Braywood Babes H-Town Girls
Women’s Intermediate StarPucks Indy Speed
Women’s Bronze Blueline Boozers Money Shots III
Women’s Silver Duluth Reign PLBs
Women’s Gold The Eh Team Ponies on Zambonies
Women’s 30+ Old Dawgs Circle City Slits
Women’s 40+ Northwoods NHL-ers UP Yours Too

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Adult Hockey News