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10 Ways to Celebrate the Fourth with Hockey

By USA Hockey, 07/02/20, 6:45AM MDT


Between cookouts and fireworks, all of our festivities could use a bit of hockey

Happy Independence Day, America! Together, let’s celebrate the red, white and blue with the sport we all love. Between enjoying cookouts and watching fireworks, all of our Fourth of July festivities could use a little more hockey.

Here are some tips to celebrate hockey this Fourth of July weekend:

1. Draw your favorite USA Hockey player or team logo with chalk

Okay, Picasso! Get your creative juices flowing! Whether you give Auston Matthews a stars and stripes mustache, draw Kendall Coyne Schofield flying faster than an eagle or place Declan Farmer in a rocket sled, create your own chalk masterpiece. Decorate your driveway, spruce up the sidewalk and make sure to use as much red, white and blue as you can!

2. Organize a small pickup game with friends, family or neighbors

Get the squad together (following social distance guidelines of course!) for a friendly scrimmage, or even a little three-on-three action. The only rule: have fun! Remember postgame handshakes are on hold for now, but you should consider postgame stick taps or perhaps a celebratory ice cream for all participants.

3. Hockey talent show in the yard

Show off your best skill or stick trick for your friends and family! Lawns, decks and patios make for a great talent show stage. Don’t limit yourself to traditional on-ice skills; juggling a soccer ball or three tennis balls is great too. Winner gets extra dessert!

4. Enter for a chance to win our membership giveaway

Click here to renew your membership and you’ll automatically be entered into our “USA Hockey Welcome Back to Hockey Giveaway.” All members registered by September 1st are eligible to win the following prizes: $2,500 Pure Hockey Gift Card, $1,000 Pure Hockey Gift Card, $100 Pure Hockey Gift Card (15 available), a trip for two (2) to watch the U.S. Men's National Team compete in Riga, Latvia, a trip for two (2) to watch the U.S. Women's National Team compete in Nova Scotia, Canada or a trip for two (2) to watch the U.S. National Junior Team compete in Alberta, Canada.

5. Create a “hockey-themed” plate at the family barbecue

Decorate your plate! Burgers as pucks? Hot dogs as goal lines? Pickles as faceoff dots? The sky is the limit! Think dinner, but make it hockey. Be creative and don’t forget the ketchup!

6. Wear your favorite jersey

Be voted ‘Best Dressed’ at your family gathering. Whether you’re making a fashion statement or you need a stylish cover-up for your swim suit, rock your favorite hockey jersey to celebrate America. Extra points for red, white & blue!

Pro tip: If wearing jersey while eating, be sure to use a bib to prevent barbeque sauce stains.

7. Give us your best rendition of the ‘Miracle’ speech

“This is YOUR time, now go out there and get that burger!” Or something like that?

Entertain your family and friends with your best Herb Brooks impression, but maybe rethink the plaid pants and blazer depending how hot it is outside.

8. Bust out the rollerblades

Lace ‘em up, grab your helmet and go! Whether it’s a couple times up and down the driveway or a lap around the neighborhood, get ready to roll this weekend. Not only is it a fun way to get outside, it’s a sure way to work up an appetite!

9. Flip your burgers with your twig

Yes, this can be used for the hockey talent show (see item #3). Impress everyone at your gathering by showing off your silky mitts at the grill!

Pro tip: Talent show judges may deduct points for dropping burgers on the ground

10. Use any of these ideas for your submission to this week’s #WeekendHockeyChallenge

Take a photo or video of how you’re celebrating hockey this Fourth of July weekend using #WeekendHockeyChallenge. Tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for a chance at USA Hockey apparel!

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