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Level 5 Symposium

2024 Level 5 Coaches Symposium

Level 5 FAQs

How often is the Level 5 Coaching Symposium offered?
Once every two years.

If I already have received my Level 5 certification, can I register and attend the Level 5 Coaching Symposium again?
Yes, you can attend a Level 5 Coaching Symposium as many times as you would like. All attendees will receive five credits toward their Continuing Education requirement.

Can I attend more than one breakout session during the Level 5 Coaching Symposium?
All coaches attending will register for either the 12-and-under age group or the 13-and-over age group. You will then be assigned to a smaller group that will attend five preassigned breakouts for your age category.

Do I need to attend all the sessions at the Level 5 Coaches Symposium?
Yes. To attain your Level 5 certification and/or to receive your five Continuing Education credits, you will need to attend all the presentations in the main room and the breakout sessions. Attendance is monitored. 

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