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Why Register with USA Hockey?

USA Hockey is often asked to explain the advantages associated with registering adult hockey teams and leagues with our organization. While it may require more administrative effort, registering with USA Hockey provides all of the advantages of an unregistered league while eliminating the disadvantages. Browse the menu bars at left for more information or read on for more information.

USA Hockey announced today a new "Friends of Hockey" membership category, designed to bring together hockey fans who do not play the sport but share a common interest in supporting the game.

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Season Dates Changed

11/03/2009, 12:45pm MST
By USA Hockey

On October 31, 2009, the President of USA Hockey, Ron DeGregorio, changed the regular playing season and registration period for the 2009 season and all subsequent seasons to Sept. 1 - Aug. 31 (from May 1 to April 30).

Goal set for growth

07/05/2008, 12:45pm MDT
By USA Hockey

The newly created USA Hockey Membership Development Department has the unique charge of growing participation in hockey among those already smitten with the game and those who’ve never put blade to ice.

Calling All Youth Hockey Associations and those “Growing the Game”!

For the past seven years USA Hockey has partnered with Total Hockey to uncover new and innovative ways to grow the game of hockey! Tell us what your USA Hockey registered youth program is doing to increase the number of 8-and-under hockey players in your association and you'll get a shot at winning 30 Learn To Play (LTP) equipment sets from Total Hockey.

Participation in youth hockey around the country continues to grow thanks to our great volunteers and the new programs they are implementing. USA Hockey’s membership development team is committed to sharing your creative ideas with associations around the country. The winning idea will receive 30 sets of beginner equipment from Total Hockey, while 2nd and 3rd place will earn 20 and 10 sets respectively.