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Steps to Become a USA Hockey Coach

USA Hockey and the Coaching Education Program require both certification and registration to be eligible to coach. Registration is done online on a yearly basis. Certification is also required. A few basic steps requirements are as follows:

The text in red indicates a change in requirements from previous years.

NEW FOR 2017-18!!!

Coaching Education Program Online Age-Specific Requirements (Must be completed PRIOR to participating in any team activities and cannot be added to a roster until completed)

  • Complete the online age-specific module(s) for the age level of play you are coaching (Cost is $10 per module and only needs to be completed once per age level) Click here to register for the modules.

USA Hockey Requirements (Must be completed before participating in any team activities)

  • Register as a member of USA Hockey (Cost is $40 plus any affiliate fees if applicable). Click here for more information.
  • Complete the background screening (found on your affiliate website and some affiliates require approval before you can be added to a roster).
  • Complete the USA Hockey Safe Sport Training (required every two years and cannot be added to a roster until completed). Click here for more information.

Coaching Education Program Certification Clinic Requirements (Must be completed by Dec. 31)

  • Find, register and attend the required certification clinic. (Cost is $45 plus any lunch fees if applicable) You can only attend one clinic per season and all coaches start at Level 1. (The coaching clinic season for Levels 1-3 officially runs from September 1 to December 31).

2017-18 Clinic Registration System Now Live!!

Below are two tabs to locate coaching clinics.

The first tab of Clinics After Aug 1 are all of the clinics posted on our new Clinic Registration System and also a July HP clinic in Michigan. If you are looking for upcoming clinics for the fall clinic season, please look here. You can find a PDF of the Registration Process below and also a video tour of the new system.

Please note:

  1. You must have a 2017-18 USA Hockey confirmation number. Click on the USA Hockey Registration Link to the right.
  2. This is an entirely new system and your old login credentials will NOT work. You must click on Create Account to register for a clinic.
  3. Only a limited number of clinics have been posted. Instructors are still learning the system and obtaining access to post clinics. Most clinics will not be posted until August or September at the earliest.

The second tab of June/July Clinics are for the few clinics that were posted for just those months on the old registration system. All pending clinics have been removed and are on the new system under the first tab.


Training Video

How to Refresh Profile

Coaching Clinic Process Information

All coaches begin by attending a Level 1 clinic and then progress through the levels year by year.

If your certification is expired, please read the Expired Certification FAQ below.

If you need to transfer or apply for a refund for an upcoming clinic, please read the Refund/Transfer policy below.

All coaches must be registered members of USA Hockey, click on the link below to register before trying to register for a coaching clinic.

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