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Youth Hockey Transfer Forms

Youth Player Transfers

Per International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) regulations, all players who wish to move from another country, regardless of whether or not they are registered with that member national association, to USA Hockey to register and compete in a competition under the jurisdiction of  USA Hockey, are required to apply for a transfer.

Any player, who does not hold USA citizenship, is required to submit a completed transfer form to USA Hockey to be processed and approved before a player can participate with a USA Hockey member program. This includes players who hold permanent resident cards (green cards).

There are two types of transfer regulations that are followed:

  • USA Hockey/Hockey Canada Transfer Agreement for Canadians or dual USA/Canadian citizens moving to USA Hockey
  • IIHF Transfer Regulations for Non-North American players moving to USA Hockey

Youth Player Transfers

There are three different types of youth transfers, international under age 18, international age 18 and above, and Canadian.  Links to these transfer forms and directions on how to complete are below:

If you are going to participate in junior hockey (USHL, NAHL or Tier III Junior League) click here to be directed to the appropriate forms and information. Please note, all junior transfer forms are to be submitted to USA Hockey by the junior team.

When transfer forms are completed, please email them along with any other required documents to:

For additional transfer related questions please contact Susan Peterson at

Youth Transfer FAQs

My player has a permanent residency card, is a transfer still needed?

YES.  A permanent residency card does not change a players citizenship to U.S., therefore a transfer is still needed from their home federation regardless if they ever played, or registered in that federation.

Why is a player that is here on a B1/B2 visitor visa not allowed to register and play for a USA Hockey member youth team?

USA Hockey regulations require that players who are citizens of another country, wishing to participate on USAH member teams, have to be residing in the U.S. and holding specific resident documentation (see transfer form for complete list of acceptable documents).

What are the requirements for a player who is in the U.S. under political asylum?

A person in the U.S. under political asylum or a claim therefore, refusing to return to their home country for a bona-fide, non-hockey related reason, shall be eligible for competition in the USA Hockey domestic program after the player has continuously resided in this country for a period for one year or more with their parents.

What documents are necessary for a player who holds native status?

A transfer is needed as well as a copy of the player’s native status card.

What is the duration of a youth transfer?

Canadian citizens who hold a permanent resident card, can request an unlimited transfer, which is approved for a players entire youth hockey participation with USA Hockey.   Canadian citizens who hold other resident documentation, must process a limited transfer, only good for that one season.   International transfers can be processed to, equal the duration of the stay, for which the player’s resident documentation is valid in the USA. 

How long will it take for the transfer I submitted to be approved?

IIHF Regulations allow for a seven day process to complete transfers.   Usually youth transfers are processed within 3-5 days however it could take up to the seven day maximum. 

How do I know when the transfer for my player has been approved by USA Hockey?

USA Hockey enters approved transfer information into the USA Hockey registry. To find out if a transfer has been approved, your local program registrar can login to the USA Hockey Registry and see the current status of the player.  This information is available on the roster, player profile and in reports.  

My child will be playing in another country next season, how do I go about getting them transferred from USA Hockey?

The transfer process is always started by the incoming federation. You will have to contact the federation in the country which the player will be playing in to start the transfer process. Once the proper paperwork is filled out and submitted to the incoming federation, the federation has a maximum of 7 days to approve and return.  Youth players (under age 18) going from USA Hockey to another country are usually processed within 3-5 days.  

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