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Warrior Classic

2023 Warrior Classic

The 7th annual USA Hockey Warrior Classic will take place Oct. 6-8, 2023, in Denver, CO. Games will be played at the South Suburban Sports Complex and the Family Sports Center. This year's Warrior Classic will be hosted by the Colorado Warriors Hockey Club.

A total of 800 players from around the country will participate in this year’s event, with over 36 teams representing 15 different states competing. The tournament features a round-robin format for the preliminary round, followed by teams being divided into seven different playoff divisions.  

The event brings Warrior hockey teams from around the country to participate in a weekend of hockey that is dedicated to disabled U.S. Military Veterans who play the great sport of ice hockey. To be eligible, all players must be Veterans and or a Member of the Armed Forces and qualify under the USA Hockey Warrior eligibility requirements. 

Please reach out to Brandon Beaver at with any questions. 

2023 Warrior Classic Champions

American Division: MI UP Veterans HC

Elite Division: Colorado Warriors Alpha

Freedom Division: St. Louis Blues Warriors

Liberty Division: Dallas Warriors Bravo

National Division: Colorado Warriors Bravo

Patriot Division: Flyers Warriors Charlie

Valiant Division: Oklahoma Warriors

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