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Warrior Classic

About The Warrior Classic

The fifth annual USA Hockey Warrior Hockey Classic, presented by Pink Whitney, took place Nov. 4-7 in New Jersey. Games were staged at two rinks: the Flyers Training Center in Voorhees, New Jersey, and Hollydell Ice Arena in Sewell, New Jersey.

The event brought warrior teams from around the country to participate in a weekend of hockey that is dedicated to U.S. military veterans with a disability who also play ice hockey. To be eligible, all players must be or have been Veterans and Members of the Armed Forces and meet a minimum disability rating. The inaugural event took place in Arlington, Virginia, in 2017.

For any questions regarding the Warrior Classic, please contact disabledhockey@usahockey.orgClick here to learn more about the Warrior Hockey Discipline and see the full eligibility rules.

Photo Gallery


The tier one champions pose with their banner and trophy

CHAMPION: Philadelphia Flyers Warriors
RUNNER-UP: Colorado Warriors

The tier two champions pose with their banner and trophy.

CHAMPION: Buffalo Warriors Blue
RUNNER-UP: North Carolina Warriors

The tier three champions pose with their banner and trophy

CHAMPION: Michigan Warriors Hockey Program
RUNNER-UP: Pittsburgh Warriors

The Tier four champions pose with their banner and trophy.

CHAMPION: Philadelphia Flyers Warriors
RUNNER-UP: Oklahoma Warriors

The Tier Five champions pose with their championship banner.

CHAMPION: Dallas Warriors
RUNNER-UP: New Jersey Warriors

The tier six champions pose with their championship trophy and banner.

CHAMPION: Vegas Veterans Hockey Foundation
RUNNER-UP: Buffalo Warriors Gold

The Tier seven champions pose with their trophy and banner

CHAMPION: Philadelphia Flyers Warriors
RUNNER-UP: Pittsburgh Warriors



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