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USA Hockey Brochures

Adult Hockey

USA Hockey sponsors an annual series of recreational, non-checking tournaments for Adult Players. These tournaments are open to registered teams in Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Over-30, Over-40 and Womens divisions.

Opportunities for Adults

The adult hockey player has hockey experience in the game that is valuable to the next generation of players and USA Hockey asks you to be more involved in this great game. Please read the following information on some more USA Hockey programs and consider becoming a member of our team.

Coaching Education Program (CEP)

Coaching is a great way for ex-players to give something back to a sport that gave them a lot of enjoyment, and a chance for parents to enhance their childs involvement in the game by participating as well. Coaching can provide many advantages, which include satisfaction, players growth & development and coachs growth development. All coaches become wiser, more mature, and learn something new everyday.

Hockey Talk

Thousands of boys and girls throughout the United States participate in the sport of hockey. Of those thousands, many dream of one day representing their country in international competition as a member of a U.S. National or Olympic Team. Earning a spot among the United States nationallevel hockey players is a long process that begins early in a players career. Membership in USA Hockey and participation in the programs offered by USA Hockey provide an early start to young players who hope to one day experience the thrill of international competition.


The USA Hockey Insurance brochure includes valuable information about USA Hockey member insurance coverages.

Parents' Introduction to Hockey

Ice Hockey is played in three periods of equal length; 20 minutes for each period at most levels, but often 12 or 15 minutes in youth classifications.The sport involves four basic skills: skating, passing, stickhandling and shooting. These skills can be learned at any age, and the good hockey player continually works to improve and refine his or her skills.

Parent/Coach Relationship

One of the most important relationships in youth hockey is that which exists between parents and coaches. If the relationship is poor, an atmosphere of tension and conflict may develop. This, in turn, may create an unpleasant environment for the coach, the parent and, most importantly, the youth hockey player.

Sportsmanship - Why it Matters

A growing problem in youth sports today is the all too-common attitude that winning is everything. Nothing could be further from the truth. USA Hockey and USA Hockey InLine believe this attitude can contribute to players, coaches and parents displaying a lack of good sportsmanship.


The coach has the ultimate responsibility to mold his or her players into a team. It oftentimes can be very difficult, but to be successful you must help your players understand the concept of teamwork.

Girls'/Womens' Ice Hockey

As far back as 1916, womens ice hockey teams from Canada and the United States have competed against each other. The 1980s, however, propelled womens ice hockey into the future. In April 1987, the Ontario Womens Hockey Association hosted the first World Invitational Tournament, which proved to be a resounding success. During that tournament, representatives from participating nations met to discuss the future of womens ice hockey and to establish a strategy to lobby the International Ice Hockey Federation for the creation of a Womens World Championship.