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Team Up Against Concussions

USA Hockey and the Concussion Legacy Foundation have teamed up to raise concussion awareness and strengthen team bonds through Team Up Against Concussions (TUAC).

TUAC is a simple speech designed to be given from a team leader before each season. The core message: teammates have a responsibility to speak up to a team leader if they notice concussion signs in a teammate.

USA Hockey's Team Up Against Concussions Week is scheduled for October 23-27, 2023. Throughout the week, USA Hockey will share videos of Team USA players from all over the country giving the TUAC speech to their teams. 

How To Give The TUAC Speech

The TUAC speech should come from a designated player on the team, known as a Concussion Legacy Captain.

The Speech: 
We're a team, and teammates look out for each other. A teammate with a concussion needs your help. I expect you to SPEAK UP to me, a coach, or an athletic trainer if you think a teammate has a concussion.

Spread The Word
Throughout the week, players, coaches, and team administrators are encouraged to post a video of their team hearing the speech on social media using the #TeamUpAgainstConcussions.

You can learn more about the speech and CLF here.

Team Up Against Concussions in USA Hockey

Amanda Kessel
Nate Leaman
Max Pacioretty

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