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SafeSport Program Training

Required Safe Sport Core Training

Please note, if you are a 2004 birth year or earlier, you will be required to take the Safe Sport Core Training or Refresher Course prior to participation for the 2021-22 season. 

One of the most exciting aspects of the USA Hockey Safe Sport Program is the online training/education that is available to help our members become aware of the information necessary to help prevent abuse from occurring in our sport.  We are pleased to announce that all USA Hockey registered coaches, officials, players, employees and volunteers are entitled to take the training at no cost. 

The Safe Sport Training and Refresher Training are each valid for one (1) season beginning on 4/1/21.

As of January 1, 2018, all relevant individuals who need to be Safe Sport certified or are seeking recertification will need to complete the new Safe Sport training, which features updated content. 

Once you have completed the Core Safe Sport Course, there will be a Refresher Course available for individuals who have previously completed the core Safe Sport course and need to recertify. Users completing the SafeSport refresher course will be certified for an additional season.

PLEASE NOTE that you will need your own USA Hockey Confirmation Number or Referee Number and your own email address to access the training.  You can locate your number OR obtain a number here If you will not be participating as a player, coach or referee, you can register at no cost under the ice manager/volunteer category to obtain your USA Hockey Confirmation Number.

See our FAQ here for further information.

Find out how to register for SafeSport training here.

Free U.S. Center for SafeSport Youth Athlete Training Courses


These resources include courses for children of pre-school age; grades K-2; grades 3-5; middle school and high school. These free online trainings are designed as an introduction for minor athletes and their parents or other caregivers to understand the importance of positive, welcoming environments in sports, where misconduct like bullying or abuse is less likely to happen, and to know where to report abuse, should it occur.

Each course can be found HERE and requires that a parent/legal guardian create an account to provide consent for their child to access the training. Once an account is created, parents can choose which course is best for their child based on their actual or developmental age. Each course will take less than 30 minutes to complete. A writeable PDF certificate is available at the conclusion of each training, and parents are encouraged to write their child's name on the printed certificate. These courses are not required but are available as a resource.

Find more information here.


Free U.S. Center for SafeSport Parent Training Courses

The FREE Online Parent Toolkits give you the necessary SafeSport information for your young athlete. Separated by age group or combined for all ages, the Toolkits below help parents understand SafeSport best practices and how to respond to signs of abuse.

Parent's Guide to Misconduct in Sport
The FREE Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport is designed for the parents of athletes of all ages. This course explains the issues of misconduct in sport and helps parents ensure their children have a positive and safe sport experience.

If you are a parent looking for resources on keeping your athlete safe, you can access this training at no cost. Simply create an account, add the parent training to your bag, and you’ll be able to access the training.

Access the course here.

Free U.S. Center for SafeSport Adult Athlete Training Course

This FREE 30-minute nonrequired course is available on the new learning site. If you're still on our legacy learning platform, use code ADULTATHLETENGB to access.

Training Support Contact

Lauren Tesler Harless
SafeSport Compliance and Legal Administrator
Phone: (719) 538-1145

Don Pino
SafeSport Program Manager
Phone: (719) 538-1150

Ben Tronnes
Associate Counsel