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Registration Tips & Advice


Since so much of the success of registration depends upon the official successfully completing the steps. The following tips will help to speed your officiating registration for the upcoming season.

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Online Membership Registration

  1. Online Membership Registration must be completed prior to completing Seminar Registration, Open Book Exams, and Online Education.
  2. Due to classroom sizes, we strongly recommend confirming seats are available in a seminar before completing membership registration (the fee is non-refundable).
  3. Register early in the season (June - July)
  4. Returning Officials: Be sure to have your USA Hockey Officials Number handy as it will be necessary to input in order to be able to register at the appropriate level.
  5. Apply only at the level for which you are eligible.
  6. Once you complete online Membership Registration, you are committed to completing registration at that level (or lower). Officials cannot register as a Level 2 and switch later to a Level 3.

Online Video Module Education

1. Online Membership Registration must be complete for 24 hours before any official can access their online curriculum.

2. Once the official begins the Online Education Program they must complete it within the following timelines:

  • LEVEL 2, 3, & 4 - Must complete within 45 days

3. Each Official Level has both Required and Elective-menu requirements. You will not receive your Card and Crest until all course category requirements are completed.

4. Once a module is complete, the official must successfully pass a brief quiz. If the official misses too many questions, he/she will be required to complete the module again until a passing grade is received.

5. Online education modules do not need to be completed in one day. Officials may stop/resume as many times as they want until all courses are completed.

Open Book Exam

  1. Complete the exam in a timely manner. You will submit your answers electronically via
  2. Access to the Open Book Exam is given 24-hours after Membership Registration.
  3. Print out your online exam and answer the questions off-line.
  4. Use the current USA Hockey Rulebook to answer all questions (please don't guess).
  5. Answer all questions you are required to answer.
  6. Record your answers and rule references next to your printed test questions and save for future references.
  7. You are not required by USA Hockey to complete your Open Book Exam prior to attending your seminar. In fact, officials are encouraged to bring their exam to the seminar to seek guidance from instructor staff.
  8. Please note, this exam is meant to be a learning tool and encourage officials to learn the USA Hockey Rule Book. It is in your best interest to us your rule book to complete this exam and DON'T RUSH!

USA Hockey SafeSport Education Program

1. SafeSport training is required of all officials who are a 2005 Birth Year or older at the beginning of the registration season.

2. SafeSport training must be completed every season to remain valid. No official will receive a USAH Officiating Card and Crest until the SafeSport training requirement is met.

3. First time SafeSport Core Training generally takes about 90 minutes to complete. Refresher Training will take 20 - 30 minutes to complete.

4. Training can be completed in one day, or the official may stop/resume as often as needed to complete training.

5. To access training, CLICK HERE

Seminar Attendance

  1. All officials must complete Membership Registration prior to completing Seminar Registration, Open Book Exams, and Online Module Education.
  2. All seminars are scheduled and coordinated by USAH Local Volunteer Representatives. Please forward questions to them using the appropriate links at the main Directory at the Officiating Materials page at the Officials section of
  3. Pre-register for your seminar as early as possible (if applicable to your area) to avoid being "closed out".
  4. Attend a full day seminar early in the season.
  5. Check-in with staff upon arrival at the seminar.
  6. Attend a seminar that meets the requirements for the level you are applying for (Level 4 Seminars do not satisfy L1, L2, or L3 requirements).
  7. Seminar ice sessions require,
    • New Officials: Skates, Helmet, Whistle
    • Returning Officials: Full Officiating Gear
  8. Not all seminars serve lunch. Have a back-up plan.
  9. Remind the Instructors to submit the attendance forms promptly.
  10. Concerns about seminar credit "status" should initially directed to the Seminar Coordinator.
  11. Generally, it takes 1 - 3 days for seminar attendance credit to be submitted..

Card & Crest

  1. Once all of the above steps have been taken (tests completed and seminar attended), allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of the Officiating Card and Crest, and your exam scores.
  2. You may check your Registration Status by using the Referee Status feature at Use the "Referee Login" link under OFFICIALS at to access the IntraLearn Homepage and click "Referee Status".
  3. The online Referee Status feature pulls information from your current season Membership Record, therefore your registration page displays the same information as the National Office staff sees (phone calls will only confirm what you already see).
  4. If more than three weeks have elapsed and you havent received your Card and Crest, contact your Local Supervisor of Officials to confirm your seminar material has been sent to Colorado.

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