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Player Safety & Health

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

As USA Hockey continues adapting to the coronavirus situation, the safety of participants always remains our top priority. USA Hockey is sanctioning hockey for the 2020-21 season and medical experts have confirmed that with taking appropriate precautions, it is indeed safe to play hockey today.

Thank you to all players, parents, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers for your continued passion and support for hockey in the United States and we’re all looking forward to returning to more normal times as soon as possible. In the meantime, all updates related to the coronavirus pandemic can be found here.

Hockey Not Riskier Than Other Sports

There has been speculation through recent stories in the news media to suggest hockey is riskier than other youth sports/activities related to COVID-19 and specifically the rink environment. Speculation is the key word as there is no scientific evidence to back up that speculation.

We reject the premise that hockey is riskier than other sports or activities relative to the pandemic. As with any sport or activity, we have always acknowledged there is some risk associated with playing hockey.

To help leaders in hockey, we’ve developed this document to add context and commentary around some of the things that have been in recent news reports. We will update this document as needed.

A Continued Focus on Risk Management

From the outset of the pandemic, USA Hockey has led efforts to provide risk mitigation guidelines and strategies to the hockey community. It is critically important that we remain united and committed in our efforts to help stop the spread of COVID-19 as we head toward Thanksgiving and the upcoming heart of the hockey season.

Navigating COVID Together

It's great to see so many programs back on the ice during these challenging times and we must remain diligent in taking necessary precautions to help keep our rinks safe and provide a fun environment. As we navigate COVID together this season, let's all do our part so everyone can enjoy the important physical, mental and social benefits associated with our sport.

USA Hockey Will Sanction Hockey For 2020-21 Season

USA Hockey will sanction hockey for the 2020-21 season and medical experts have confirmed that with taking appropriate precautions, it is indeed safe to play hockey today.

Risk Mitigation Guidelines Document

As the traditional hockey season approaches and rinks across the country are opening, USA Hockey released a document with guidelines to help mitigate the risk associated with COVID-19. This document is a supplement to the previously released Returning to the Rinks document.

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