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Disabled Hockey Festival

2022 Toyota | USA Hockey Disabled Hockey Festival

The 2022 Disabled Hockey Festival will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania April 7-10 and April 21-24, 2022.

Blind, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Special, Standing Amputee & Warrior Hockey will be featured the first weekend. Sled Hockey will take place the second weekend of the event. 

More details regarding registration will be released in the near future. 

USA Hockey intends to stage the 2023 Toyota-USA Hockey Disabled Hockey Festival in St. Louis, Missouri.

The largest disabled event of its kind and one of USA Hockey's most significant events each season, the USA Hockey Disabled Hockey Festival provides a fun and exciting experience spanning over two weekends, while also promoting and growing Disabled Hockey throughout the country.

The event, which takes place in a different part of the country each year, brings together all six Disabled Hockey disciplines, which includes Blind HockeyDeaf/Hard of Hearing Hockey, Sled Hockey, Special Hockey, Standing/Amputee Hockey and Warrior Hockey.

2021 Disabled Hockey Festival Rule Guidebook

For all rules, policies and game formats for each discipline, please view the Guidebook below.

Plan Your Trip

While you're here, maximize your time in western Pennsylvania. Go to Visit Bulter County and Visit Pittsburgh to explore options for local events, attractions, museums, eateries, shopping and more!

Past Events

Record-Breaking 2018 Disabled Festival

Last year, the 2018 Toyota-USA Hockey Disabled Hockey Festival was spread across two weekends for the first time to accommodate a record 128 teams and nearly 1,700 players. Streamed live on HockeyTV, the first weekend of the Festival ran April 5-8 and featured four of USA Hockey's disabled hockey disciplines, including blind, deaf/hard of hearing, special and Warrior. The Festival concluded the following weekend (April 12-15) with sled hockey, including the USA Hockey Sled Hockey National Championship.

In total, the historic 14th edition of the event saw 1,657 players and 124 teams take part in 230 games. Additionally, 28 states and a total of three countries were represented in the event. 

Host Bid Application Process

The USA Hockey Disabled Festival has grown over the years into a huge success. Because of that success, the USA Hockey Disabled Section has approved a bid process for the selection of future festivals. The process is as follows: 

  • Bid Application must be received by USA Hockey Disabled Section Discipline or District Representative no later than January 31st, two years prior to the event bidding for. 
  • Bid Application must be signed by a USA Hockey Disabled Section Discipline or District Representative and the host Affiliate President. 
  • Signed Bid Application must be received by the Chair of the USA Hockey Disabled Section by May 1st, two years prior to the event bidding for. 
  • The USA Hockey Disabled Section will review and vote on all properly submitted bids at the USA Hockey Annual Congress two years prior to the event. 
  • Official announcement of the site selection will be made and the end of the USA Hockey Annual Congress two years prior to the event. 

Disabled Festival News