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Adult First Goal Application Process

How To Apply

The Adult First Goal Program is equipment-based and designed to provide USA Hockey-registered adult hockey leagues a national platform of resources to introduce new adults to the sport. Being a good partner in the business is about joint efforts between USA Hockey and registered adult leagues to grow the game.

The goal is to have adult leagues host Adult First Goal Programs for adults over the age of 18. The program provides local adult leagues the perfect opportunity to introduce new adults (men and women) to the game of hockey and then move them into the local league, therefore helping grow your adult league. The Adult First Goal Starter Equipment can be used to start an adult learn-to-play program or can be integrated into an existing adult learn-to-play program.


Registered Adult Leagues can complete the Adult First Goal Program application and Special Events Sanction document and submit online.


Applicants will be selected by USA Hockey's Adult Council.


Recipients are notified by USA Hockey and the Adult First Goal Starter Equipment is distributed immediately.


Once the program is complete, please fill out the Adult First Goal Reporting Form and submit online.

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