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Open Book Exam


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This teaching tool will help new officials learn the USA Hockey Playing Rules and their location in the Rule Book. Additionally it will help returning officials reinforce rule knowledge to prepare for the season.

You must complete Online Membership Registration with USA Hockey as an official to access the Open Book Exam. Your exam will become available through the above-posted link 24-hours after completing membership registration.

To enter the exam, you will need to enter your Last Name (as entered during Membership Registration) and your USA Hockey Officiating Number (this will be sent via confirmation email after Membership Registration).

Please use the current 2017-21 USA Hockey Rule Book to complete this exam (do not guess). We strongly recommend printing the exam and recording your answers as you complete them. This exam is designed to be completed at your preferred pace. Your answers will be saved as you progress and you may stop and resume at any time.

LEVEL 1: 35 (or above) out of 50
LEVEL 2: 40 (or above) out of 50
LEVEL 3: 45 (or above) out of 50
LEVEL 4: 45 (or above) out of 50

If you do not pass the Open Book Exam, you will be granted access to one Re-take Exam seven days after your original exam was graded (you will not be notified when this access is granted). The Re-Take Exam will be comprised of questions utilizing the same rule references as all missed questions on your first exam.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once access to your OB Exam Re-take is granted (not started), you have 30 days to submit this exam otherwise the re-take exam will close and you will not be given any further opportunities.


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