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Open Book Exam

You must complete Membership Registration before gaining access to the Open Book Exam. Please use the link below to access your Open Book Exam through your USA Hockey Courses profile.

The Open Book Exam is a teaching tool used to encourage all officials to improve knowledge of USA Hockey Playing Rules and interpretations. A hard-copy of the playing rules will be mailed to all new Level 1 Officials, and to all officials during Rule Change Seasons.

In addition to the USA Hockey Rule Book, officials may access the playing rules online, download a PDF copy, or download the USA Hockey Rule Book app at their mobile device app store.


  • We strongly recommend waiting for your USA Hockey Rule Book to arrive before attempting to complete your exam.
  • It is recommended that all officials print a hard-copy of the exam, and write their USA Hockey Playing Rule references and answers on their hard-copy before entering their answers online.
  • Please check your answers carefully as you enter them online. An Open Book Exam cannot be "reset".
  • Once your answers are submitted, you will receive a results email within a few hours.
  • An official who "fails" their Open Book Exam will be allowed one (1) Re-take Open Book Exam.
  • The Re-take Open Book Exam will become available seven (7) days after the scoring of the original Open Book Exam, and is accessible through this webpage.
  • Once the Re-take Open Book Exam becomes available, the official has thirty (30) days to complete it.
  • The Re-take Open Book Exam will consist of the exact number of questions missed on the original Open Book Exam, and the official must answer enough questions correctly to bring their Open Book Exam Score up to a passing grade.

Level 1: 35/50
Level 2: 60/75
Level 3: 85/100
Tenured Level 3: 45/50

Level 4: 90/100
Tenured Level 4: 45/50