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USA Hockey ZoomCasts are weekly online video webinars dedicated to continuing education of officials, coaches, players and parents. Some topics will focus on officiating performance and effectively managing a hockey game. Other broader topics will focus on USA Hockey policies and initiatives relevant to all members. 

Each ZoomCast will feature a host and guest panel to discus the topic of the week. After the initial presentation, the panel will take questions from the virtual audience. Guest panelists include officials from professional and collegiate levels, USA Hockey National and District administrators, Head Coaches, Officiating Coaches and more.

The participant list is limited to 100 people. However, each ZoomCast will be posted for on-demand viewing at this website (see below) after the broadcast and at the USA Hockey YouTube Channel.


E.69 | Officiating Hockey IQ

The USA Hockey Officiating Manuals, video modules and classroom seminar curriculum provide a baseline of standard mechanics and judgment for 25,000 USA Hockey officials across the country (no small task). However, Hockey IQ (i.e. understanding the game, team strategy, player roles & other elements) helps an official stay mentally aware and prepared to deal with incidents. Watch this episode to learn more!

Scott Zelkin
Manager, Jr. Officiating Development Program

Jake Davis
Linesperson, IIHF & AHL
Sean Fernandez
Referee, IIHF & AHL

E.68 | Physical Fouls

Judgement and Penalty Standards are two of the hardest skills all referees must develop. Some rule infractions have a marginal impact on competition and sportsmanship, but aggressive infractions are "must call" penalties if the game is going to stay on track. What are the markers of aggressive infractions? How do we differentiate between Body-Contact and Body-Checking? What is "Hope vs. Courage"? Watch this episode to find out.

Billy Hancock

Coordinator, Youth Officiating Development

Chris Williams
Linesperson, AHL & ECHL
Logan Bellgraph
Linesperson, IIHF & ECHL

E.67 | Restraining Fouls

Hooking...Holding...Tripping...these are all non-aggressive competitive fouls that gain illegal advantages and impede the flow of the game. While officials, players and coaches have successfully focused on body-contact infractions under the Declaration of Player Safety, Fair-Play and Respect, it's important to not allow retraining fouls back into the Standard-of-Play. Watch this episode to learn more!

Scott Zelkin
Manager, Jr. Officiating Development Program

Nolan Bloyer
Referee, ECHL
Jenna Janshen
Referee, IIHF

E.66 | USA Hockey Program Update

Fresh from the 2023 USA Hockey Mid-Winter Meetings, this episode will share current topics of interest in the officiating program, and some hints at what is coming for 2023-24 Membership Registration.

BJ Ringrose
Manager, Officiating Education & Development

Dan Ellison
Referee-in-Chief, Pacific District
David LaBuda
National Referee-in-Chief, USA Hockey
Ken Reinhard
Referee-in-Chief, Rocky Mountain District

E.65 | Officiating FUNdamentals

Officiating is a business. Officiating is a profession. But that doesn't mean officiating isn't supposed to be fun. Join our host and panelist as they discuss how USA Hockey is changing the development process for young players to keep them active, engaged and smiling. And how that same philosophy can apply to officiating education and development.

Scott Zelkin
Manager, USA HockeyJr. Officiating Development Program

Heather Mannix
Manager, Education and Player Development

E.64 | You Make the Call

Join our host and panel as they show video clips of different game situations, and poll the audience. After the poll, our panel of experienced officials unpack the teaching points in each clip. Always insightful, and always a fan favorite.

Billy Hancock
Coordinator, Youth Officiating Development

Andrew Bruggeman
Referee, IIHF & AHL
Chelsea Rapin
Referee, IIHF & NCAA