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Closed Book Exam

All Level 2, 3 and 4 Officials must complete a Closed Book Playing Rules Exam to complete their registration. All Closed Book Exams must be completed online through the USA Hockey E-Learning Platform, and access will be given once the official completes their Classroom Seminar.


Once your Classroom Seminar roster has been closed and submitted to USA Hockey by the instructor, verification of your attendance will be received by USA Hockey and entered into your current season membership record.

Questions regarding the submission of seminar rosters should be directed to the Seminar Instructor or your local USA Hockey District and State representatives using the Officiating Directory.

Verification of Classroom Seminar attendance credit can be tracked through your USA Hockey Courses Profile.

You will also receive a detailed email from USA Hockey indicating that your Closed Book Exam is now available.

You will access your Closed Book Exam through your USA Hockey Courses Profile (same as seminar registration, open book exam, online seminar curriculum and check registration status).

Once you receive access to your Closed Book Exam, you will have seven (7) days to complete the exam.

All Closed Book Exams must be completed during one (1) session. You cannot enter the exam, save your progress and return at a later time.

All Closed Book Exam sessions last 90-minutes maximum.

Closed Book Exams cannot be printed to hard-copy.

There are no re-take attempts for any Closed Book Exam.


  • LEVEL 2: 24(+) out of 30 questions
  • LEVEL 3: 40(+) out of 50 questions
  • LEVEL 4: 40(+) out of 50 questions

ADA Guidelines

With respect to Closed Book Exam timing rules, USA Hockey, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines, will offer accommodations during online closed book testing to any qualified official who makes a request.

Please note, providing accommodations may require additional staff or arrangements. Therefore, we please ask that you contact your District Referee-in-Chief no less than seven days prior to the event to request assistance. CLICK HERE for contact information.

If possible, please share a current copy of an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) or Section 504 Plan document that will provide guidelines for how your seminar staff may provide accommodations.