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2018-19 ATO Season: Week 24

By USA Hockey, 02/15/19, 6:15AM MST


QUESTION: Can a goal be scored if the opposing player is standing in the crease?

ANSWER: Rule 625(b) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“No goal may be scored with an attacking player in the goal crease unless the puck has preceded the player(s) into the goal crease or the goalkeeper is out of the goal crease area.
However, if the attacking player has been physically interfered with by the actions of a defending player that causes him to be in the goal crease, play shall not be stopped and any legal goal scored shall be allowed.”

QUESTION: In a shoot out what is the ruling if a goal tender throws his stick to make the save?

ANSWER: Rule 406(c) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“The goalkeeper must remain in his crease until the player taking the penalty shot has touched the puck. The goalkeeper may attempt to stop the shot in any manner except by throwing his stick or any object, in which case a minor penalty shall be assessed to the goalkeeper.”
Furthermore, the shooter may take the shot again if the original shot fails.

QUESTION: Is there any rules to how many people are allowed in a teams penalty box?  I know that their off ice officials but I encountered a situation with 2 parents in there and they were not necessarily behaving. This is the second time this has happened and would like to know where the rules apply on this.

ANSWER: Rule 507(c) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“Only penalized players and off-ice official(s), are permitted to occupy the penalty bench. Play shall not continue until any unauthorized persons have been removed.”
For the purposes of the Penalty Bench (completely separate from the Timekeeper Booth), only one Penalty Bench Attendant is required to make sure the players leave at the correct time and the door is completely closed.
Furthermore, the On-Ice Officials should remove ANY Off-Ice Official who does not comply with the USA Hockey Officials’ Code-of-Conduct.

QUESTION: In a game, two players square off, gloves off, helmets on and throwing punches at each other. I determine it is a fight.  My partner wants to give each guy 17 minutes and no power play to either team. Do I go with my partner or determine how to give red a 5 minute major?

ANSWER: Ultimately the officials need to discuss any game situation and come to a conclusion on what penalties are necessary in the spirit of the USA Hockey Playing Rules. Typically, this involves each official giving their point of view of the play, and coming to a consensus of what rules were violated, who should be penalized, and what the on-ice strength should be.

QUESTION: In lieu of a goalkeeper is the use of a “goalie board” allowed either within the playing rules or purely from a safety and liability perspective. I officiate a USA hockey sanctioned league where the use of a board is being discussed to address the shortage of goalies in the league.

ANSWER: Strictly speaking there is no rule in the USA Hockey Rulebook regarding the use of goalkeeper boards or shooter-tutors. However, if the Adult League wants to use this and both teams are fine with it, then it can be permitted.