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2018-19 ATO Season: Week 22

By USA Hockey, 02/01/19, 6:15AM MST


QUESTION: If a goalkeeper looses his/her helmet during play and play is stopped, does the goalkeeper need to leave the ice?

ANSWER: No, Rule 304(e) does not require a goalkeeper to be replaced after losing his/her helmet/face-mask.

QUESTION: What is the ruling when a parent steps on the bench and challenges the official about a game misconduct?

ANSWER: An official cannot penalize a team for spectator behavior. However, he may order (through the team) that the parent be removed from the rink, and the official should absolutely file an Incident Report with their Local Supervisor to pass to the Local Hockey Association to deal with.

QUESTION: Can a player use his stick or skate to clear a dropped stick from the front of his own net?

ANSWER: A player may sweep and remove any equipment from the front of their goal area as long as the owner of the equipment is not trying to retrieve it.

QUESTION: Can a minor penalty be changed to a major penalty after play has resumed? Specifically 45 seconds into the penalty.

ANSWER: Under USAH Rule 502(a) the Referee may not change any decision once play has resumed.

QUESTION: If a player is given a game misconduct and has to serve a suspension for the next game on his teams schedule. Does the suspended player have to be at the next game or just recording his suspension on the score sheet enough to cover his suspension?

ANSWER: USA Hockey does not mandate a suspended player be at the game they are suspended for. If they choose to attend the game, they may not have any contact with their team during the game.