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2018-19 ATO Season: Week 21

By USA Hockey, 01/25/19, 6:15AM MST


QUESTION: As our local supervisor i try to keep myself and my officials all on the same page.  During a recent game one of the officials called a penalty on a player for diving.  When i questioned him about the call he stated that it falls under unsportsmanlike conduct.  This same call was made against another of my refs while he was coaching and the State supervisor was on site and agreed with the call under the same rule.  I haven't been able to locate any language in the rule or case book referencing diving.  I have always steered my officials to not be "creative" when calling a game to maintain credibility.  Am I missing something?

ANSWER: There is no playing rule in the USA Hockey Playing Rules that allows officials to assess a “Diving” penalty. The official can certainly address the situation with the player or coach of the team (and maybe ignore calling any infraction after the player embellishes the result again), but strictly speaking there is no diving rule.

QUESTION: A question regarding 10U hockey, are slap shots allowed at this age?

ANSWER: Under Rule 621(d) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules, players at the 10 & Under level may not execute “slap-shots” during a game. If the stick is raised above the waist, play is immediately stopped and the face-off shall be located in the offending team’s end-zone.

QUESTION: How many minor penalties can one player receive in a game before they are removed from a game?

ANSWER: At all levels, a player must be assessed an additional Game Misconduct if they receive five penalties during one game.

QUESTION: After regulation time runs out and the game goes into overtime, can you change your goalie to the backup goalie?

ANSWER: A team may switch goalkeepers before overtime or before any shoot-out attempt.

QUESTION: During play the referee notices that the helmet being worn by a youth player has been altered (painted) and does not have an HECC sticker on it. The player is not allowed to continue to play in the game until they have on a helmet that meets has the HECC certification. The referee assessed a 2 minute penalty for playing with illegal equipment. I did not find a specific reference in the rules book that would specify the additional penalty. Did I miss it?

ANSWER: Proper protocol for officials to deal with an illegal helmet is to first send the offending player off the ice with a “Team Warning”, and then any subsequent infraction would result in a Misconduct penalty.