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2018-19 ATO Season: Week 20

By USA Hockey, 01/18/19, 6:15AM MST


QUESTION: If the ref calls a penalty shot during a breakaway for a "fouled from behind" foul but the attacking player gets up and the goalie throws his stick toward the puck as the attacking player chases the puck into the corner, can you award 2 penalty shots or is it just one.

ANSWER: While two rule infractions occurred in your situation the officials may only award one penalty shot since only one scoring opportunity was lost. The officials should award a penalty shot to the player who was fouled, and then assess a minor penalty to the goalkeeper for throwing the stick.

QUESTION: Player takes a shot from just inside the blue line.  Goalie makes a pad save.  The rebound, untouched, goes the length of the ice. Icing?

ANSWER: Situation #14 under Rule 611 in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“The puck is shot by an attacking player and rebounds off a defending player in his defending half of the ice. The puck travels down the ice and crosses the goal line of the attacking player who shot the puck. Should icing be called?
No. Rule Reference 624(a).
Any time the puck is shot by an attacking player and rebounds from the body or stick of an opponent in his own half of the ice, so as to cross the goal line of the player shooting it, icing shall not be called.”

QUESTION: A coach indicated that his helmets did not have the fabric strap that goes under the chin. They just had straps that attached from the cage to the side of the helmet and seat the cup to the chin. Just curious if I should give a warning for lack of chin strap or not.

ANSWER: All hockey helmets are designed with a chin-strap that runs from ear to ear and is designed to keep the helmet on the player’s head. If a player didn’t wear a face-mask there would be no other way to keep the helmet on the player’s head.
The face-mask straps (straps which run from the chin cup at the base of the face-mask to snaps usually located behind the ear) do not qualify as chin straps. They are designed to keep the face-mask in place, but do not hook under the chin to keep the helmet on the player.
Any player who is missing a proper chin-strap may not participate in the game until it is replaced.

QUESTION: An attacking player in his/her attacking zone bats the puck while in the air upwards, he/she then hits the puck a second time as the puck is falling to the ice with the same hand. He/she then plays the puck with their stick. Is this considered a hand pass to themselves?

ANSWER: A player cannot “hand-pass” the puck to themselves. As long as they are the first player to gain possession and control of the puck after playing it with their hand, play shall continue.

QUESTION: After a youth hockey player receives his fifth minor penalty in a game does he serve the penalty in the box or does he get removed from the ice and a teammate serves his penalty and he is suspended for the next game?

ANSWER: If a player receives five penalties (any type) during one game he/she shall be immediately assessed a Game Misconduct after the fifth penalty and they shall be ejected from the game and suspended for the next game appearing on that team's schedule at the time of the incident.

If the fifth penalty was a minor, major, or match penalty, a substitute teammate must serve any penalty time so the team has someone to leave the box at the end of the original penalty.