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2018-19 ATO Season: Week 18

By USA Hockey, 01/04/19, 6:15AM MST


QUESTION: Can a player wear a GoPro while playing the game of hockey?

ANSWER: A player may not participate in a game with a camera attached to his/her helmet. It is not a recognized piece of equipment under the USA Hockey Playing Rules and may cause injury during a collision with another player or official.

QUESTION: Teams are both serving non coincident penalties (playing 4 vs. 4). The penalty times both expire within a few seconds of each other, but no one in the box notices. With both players in the box and teams still playing 4 vs. 4,  a goal is scored. What should be done, if anything, by the officials?

ANSWER: The officials should not do anything. Neither team broke any playing rules so the goal should be allowed and the game should resume 5 vs. 5.

QUESTION: In a case where coincidental penalties are called but one of the penalized players receives a double minor, how many players are placed in the penalty boxes?

ANSWER: Players must always serve the entire time of the penalties they earn. In the case where two opposing players receive coincidental minors, they must enter the penalty bench and they are immediately substituted for (play remains 5 v. 5). If one player receives an additional minor penalty, then that team must immediately play shorthanded. Therefore, that team must place an additional player in the penalty bench so they have someone eligible to return to the ice once play returns to 5 v. 5 (the other player must sit his full four minutes).

The short answer is three players enter the penalty bench, the two penalized players and an additional player to return to the ice after two minutes.

QUESTION: If a referee makes a mistake by calling icing, where does the puck get dropped? I always thought when a referee makes a mistake the puck is dropped at center ice.

ANSWER: Rule 624(c) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“If the Officials shall have erred in calling an “icing the puck” infraction (regardless of whether either team is shorthanded) a last play face-off (end zone face-off spot nearest to the location of the puck when play was stopped) shall occur.”

QUESTION: Playing 5 on 4, Team A is short-handed with possession of the puck. Team B slashes a Team A player and a delayed minor penalty is signaled. Team A goes down the ice and scores.  I know in most cases when no one is in Team B's penalty box, you simply report the penalty and player doesn't serve the penalty.

ANSWER: If a short-handed team scores against a team with a pending delayed penalty. The goal is allowed, the penalty is recorded and not served, and play resumes 5 v. 4. The goal cancelled the delayed penalty; the fact that the scoring team was shorthanded makes no difference.