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2018-19 ATO Season: Week 13

By USA Hockey, 11/30/18, 6:15AM MST


QUESTION: Is there exact dimensions on where the official shall wear his/her USA Hockey Crest, or is it just anywhere on the upper left side?

ANSWER: There are no specific measurements regarding attaching the crest to the sweater. Given the different dimensions of over 25,000 USA Hockey Officials, we recommend attaching it to the left-chest of the sweater in a place it looks professional.

QUESTION: During a scramble in front of the net,  2 - 3 shots on goal miss. Still a lot of action when a Defending player purposely shoves the net off the posts to cause a stoppage. What’s the call?

ANSWER: Rule 610(e) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“Play shall be stopped immediately when the goal frame has been displaced from its normal position. A minor penalty shall be assessed to any player (including a goalkeeper) who deliberately displaces the goal frame. 

If the defending team deliberately displaces the goal frame during a breakaway (see Glossary) or deprives the attacking team of an immediate scoring opportunity, a penalty shot/optional minor penalty shall be awarded to the player in possession of the puck. 

If the goal frame is deliberately displaced in the last two minutes of the game or anytime in overtime, a penalty shot/optional minor penalty shall be assessed.

If a player on the defending team deliberately displaces the goalpost when the goalkeeper has been removed, if in the opinion of the Referee, the puck would have entered the goal – thereby preventing an obvious and imminent goal – a goal shall be awarded in lieu of the penalty shot.”

QUESTION: Is it a penalty if a player while taking a slap-shot hits his opponent in the face?

ANSWER: All players are responsible for controlling their sticks and bodies at all times during a game. Therefore, if a player attempts a slap-shot and makes stick contact to the face of an opponent then a penalty should be assessed for High-Sticking.

QUESTION: Does a penalized player have to sit down in the penalty box or are they allowed to stand up?

ANSWER: There is nothing in the USA Hockey Playing Rules that states a penalized player must sit in the penalty bench.

QUESTION: With play in our defensive zone in a recent midget game the puck was shot on goal from outside the blue line with attacking players still trying to exit the zone. The puck deflected off the goaltender’s shoulder and dropped behind him and across the goal line. I questioned why play was allowed to continue with the direct shot on goal and the official stated that while the rebound was in the air all players had tagged up and the goal stands.  Was this a correct interpretation of off-sides?

ANSWER: If an attacking team shoots the puck into their attacking zone with attacking players in the attacking zone and the puck enters the goal (even if deflecting off the goalkeeper), the goal must be disallowed for the off-side play.
Furthermore, a puck that is shot off-sides directly “on goal” must result in an immediate stoppage.