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2018-19 ATO Season: Week 12

By USA Hockey, 11/23/18, 10:30AM MST


QUESTION: I placed extra padding on my sons helmet. Is it legal because the referee took it off my son's mask before game?

ANSWER: All players (and goalkeepers) must wear a HECC approved helmet and facemask that has not been altered in any way. In other words, the helmet and facemask must be worn as it was originally designed. While adding padding to the helmet might seem like a great idea for safety, some glues, epoxies, and other substances might react chemically with the plastic of the helmet and reduce the integrity.
Furthermore, the game officials and opposing coaches have no idea what you have used to attach the padding. Therefore, they are going to follow the guidelines of the USA Hockey Playing Rules and not allow any “altered” helmet in the game due to liability reasons.

QUESTION: During a delayed penalty on Team A. Team B has possession in their attacking zone and Team B causes a stoppage of play by closing their hand on the puck. Where is the face-off?

ANSWER: If the attacking team causes a stoppage during a delayed penalty assessment to the defending team in their defending zone, the face-off should be located at the nearest neutral zone face-off spot outside the end zone.

QUESTION: With 30 seconds remaining and with a "running" game clock, our player was awarded a penalty shot.  By the time the players cleared and the puck was placed there was no time left on the clock. The other coach proclaimed that USA Hockey rules for running time stipulated that the penalty shot had to be taken with time on the clock for the goal to count.

ANSWER: The USA Hockey Playing Rules assume all games will be played to entirety (including overtime). Therefore, USA Hockey does not have any rules regarding “running clock”. These rules are left to the league, hockey association, or tournament committee that governs the games (i.e. pays for the ice).

QUESTION: 14U....1:30 or 2:00 penalty time?

ANSWER: By strict USA Hockey Playing Rules all minor penalties are two minutes in length. However, local governing bodies (hockey associations, leagues, affiliates, etc.) are permitted to reduce this time to 1.5 minutes. We recommend contacting your league or local hockey director to find the answers to your questions.

QUESTIONS: There was an altercation between two opponents and both of them received majors for fighting and a game misconduct. The next day, our team received a call from the team we played the day before and they had to pull out from the league due to not having enough players to finish the season. They told us they had to forfeit the pair of games we just played with them, so my question is: does that game misconduct penalty still stand against our player and must serve it at our next game? Or since the game was forfeited, the game misconduct penalty is cleared?

ANSWER: Unfortunately we cannot answer this question since it does not deal specifically with the USA Hockey Playing Rules and the USA Hockey National Office does not handle game suspensions.