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2018-19 ATO Season: Week 10

By USA Hockey, 11/09/18, 6:15AM MST


QUESTION: We’re a Canadian team playing in a USA Hockey sanctioned tournament and were told that we must wear mouth-guards by the tournament coordinator as per USA Hockey regulations. What is our requirement for this tournament regarding mouth-guards?

ANSWER: When USA Hockey or Hockey Canada teams cross the border to play opponents they are required to play by the host association’s playing rules, but follow their own governing bodies equipment rules.
That being stated, a Local Association and Tournament Committee (governed by their USA Hockey Affiliate) is entitled to create and enforce their own “strengthened” equipment rules. They may require teams to play with mouthpieces, neck-guards, or other equipment. Therefore, please contact your tournament committee for further clarification about why this rule is in place.

QUESTION: During a game, one of my players earned six penalties. The officials did not assess the “5 penalties in a game” penalty during the game. Does the player return to play next game or is the error by the official disregarded and the player needs to sit the game suspension?

ANSWER: A missed penalty by the officials or clerical error by the scorekeeper does not absolve a player or coach from the Playing Rules. All coaches and team managers are responsible for making sure their players are held accountable for their actions (like earning six penalties in one game).
Additionally, it’s very likely that the officials realized their mistake and filed a supplemental discipline report with the Local Supervisor of Officials and Local Hockey Association. So the association or league may know about the additional suspension.

QUESTION: Is it permissible for officials to grab players by the neck of the jersey?  Where can I find reference to this in the USA Hockey officiating rule book or website?

ANSWER: USA Hockey instructs officials to use the minimal amount of physical contact needed to separate players from opponents.

QUESTION: There have been several players trying to play with the Go Pro camera attached to their helmet. Is this legal?

ANSWER: Under the USA Hockey Playing Rules and Equipment Guidelines, no participant (player or official) may wear a camera (helmet mounted or otherwise) during a game.

QUESTION: If a player has been suspended his next game is he allowed to dress and be on the bench?

ANSWER: A player who is suspended may not enter the team locker room or team bench during a game which he/she is suspended for. He/she may be in the rink, however they may not have direct contact with their team during the game.