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2018-19 ATO Season: Week 6

By USA Hockey, 10/12/18, 6:15AM MDT


QUESTION: A penalty shot was called for player covering the puck while it was in the goal crease. Does the infraction get reported (such as a penalty being reported when a goal Is scored during a delayed penalty) and count towards the team's 15 penalty limit?

ANSWER: When an infraction occurs that results in a penalty shot being awarded the infraction is reported and recorded on the score sheet (e.g. Delay of Game, Tripping, Hooking, etc.). This infraction does count toward Rule 401 in the Playing Rules.

QUESTION: A coach was kicked out of a game. A player served a bench minor penalty. It is written on the score-sheet as a "game misconduct". Is that coach suspended for the next scheduled game?

ANSWER: Rule 404(b) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“A player or Team Official incurring a game misconduct penalty shall also be suspended for his team’s next game (the game already appearing on the schedule of that team at the time of the infraction), except that when such penalty is imposed under Rule 403(b) (Second Major in Game) there shall be a minimum two-game suspension.”

QUESTION: A game ended on the ice as a tie. One team scored the tying goal at the very end of the ice rink curfew clock. The referee called it a goal.  The team that was scored on said the goal happened after the curfew clock expired. The team that scored said the ref pointed to the net for a goal, then heard the very quiet buzzer.  The referee states it was a good goal. Everybody at the rink has different opinions on what happened.

ANSWER: If the referee determines that the puck entered the goal before the game clock buzzer sounded then the goal shall be allowed. Any review of the incident should be conducted by the local governing body of the game (League or Hockey Association administrators).

QUESTION: Rules 203 and 629(c) address a situation where an illegal player takes the ice and scores, etc.  What I cannot find is what happens when an illegal player plays an entire game and it is discovered after the game that the player was not listed on the score sheet.  No name or number.  In this case, that player scored at least one goal and may have been on the ice for other goals. 

ANSWER: Unfortunately we cannot answer this question since it does not specifically regard the USA Hockey Playing Rules.
We encourage you to contact your District or State Registrar (through your local hockey association) with this question. Registrars are responsible for tracking all team rosters and player eligibility in their respective areas.

QUESTION: Team “A” gets a minor penalty (A1) and then Team “B” get a minor penalty 30 seconds later (B1). Team “A” scores a goal during 4 on 4. After Team A scored play resumed 4 on 4 with Player B1's penalty remaining on the clock. Was this correct?

ANSWER: Neither penalty terminates after the goal since both teams were playing with four players when the goal was scored (no one was short-handed). Play would continue 4 v. 4 and the Team A Player would immediately return to the ice at the expiration of his/her penalty. The Team B Player would return to the ice immediately at the expiration of his/her penalty, or if Team A scored a goal during the thirty seconds of power-play time.