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2018-19 ATO Season: Week 5

By USA Hockey, 10/05/18, 6:15AM MDT


QUESTION: I lost my current crest. How do I get a new one?

ANSWER: All USA Hockey Officials may purchase an additional or replacement Crest by following the instructions posted below,

Please send a check or money order for Five Dollars ($5.00), Payable to: USA Hockey Officiating Program to:

USA Hockey Inc.
Attn: Helen Fenlon
1775 Bob Johnson Drive
Colorado Springs, CO  80906

Please add a letter of request that includes:
-Your USA Hockey Officiating Number
-Your mailing address
-Contact information (email, phone #, etc.)

PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH. Additionally, there is no online process and we will not accept credit card information. Once we receive your request and replacement fee we will be happy to send you a new Crest.

QUESTION: When a team receives a two minute minor plus ten minute misconduct or five and game, can any player on the bench serve the two minute or five minute penalty?

ANSWER: In the case where a player is assessed a Minor plus Misconduct or Major plus Game Misconduct and their team must place an additional or substitute player in the penalty box, that player may be any non-penalized player other than a goalkeeper.

QUESTION: I recently officiated a game where Team A is called for a penalty while the puck was located in the neutral zone. The face-off was taken in the neutral zone at the closest face-off spot closer to the Team A defending zone. The coaches from Team B wanted the face-off to take place in the Team A defending zone. Should the face-off be located in the neutral zone or in the defensive zone of Team A?

ANSWER: In your situation, the face-off would be located in the neutral zone (where the puck was located during the stoppage) at the nearest face-off spot closer to the Team A defending zone.

QUESTION: Is a player prohibited from leaving the penalty box at the end of the period to come to his bench for the short period intermission and receive instruction before the start of the next period?

ANSWER: A player may leave the penalty box during an intermission to go to the bench. This is no different than going to the locker room during an ice cut. That being stated, players may not leave the penalty bench during a timeout.

QUESTION: We had a defensemen from the opposing team hand his stick to the goalie after the goalie lost his stick, and then the defensemen picked up the goalie stick to hand it back to him, but prior to handing him the goalie stick he played the puck. Is that a penalty?

ANSWER: A goalkeeper may play with a Player’s Stick due to the fact that the measurements conform to the legal dimensions of a Goalkeeper’s Stick. However, a Goalkeeper’s Stick does not conform to the dimensions of a Player’s Stick. Therefore, any player that participates in play with a Goalkeeper’s Stick must be assessed a Minor penalty (Rule 301c).