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2018-19 ATO Season: Week 4

By USA Hockey, 09/28/18, 6:15AM MDT


QUESTION: Are there restrictions on noisemakers (e.g., cowbell, etc.) in the stands?

ANSWER: USA Hockey has no playing rules or policies regarding the use of noisemakers. Please check with your local hockey association or rink to see if they have any rules.

QUESTION: I saw a game end prematurely with 5:39 left to play on the game clock in the 3rd period. The game abruptly ended when the rink attendant swung open the doors at the end of the ice rental slot.
In your opinion is this a complete game? Or an Incomplete game? What could/should the officials have done about the premature outcome of the game?

ANSWER: Ultimately this situation is out of control of the Officials and the Teams. Ice slots are generally agreed upon by the Ice Rink and the Governing Body of the game (League, Tournament Chair, etc.). If the ice time expires before the game ends the Officials have no choice but to suspend the game and forward the matter to the Tournament Committee to act on. The Tournament Committee will decide how to reach an outcome.

QUESTION: Was wondering what the correct sequence would be for a mouth-guard penalty. Today during a game we had a player who was warned twice about wearing his mouth-guard. On the third time he was accessed a 10-minute penalty with no 2 minute minor. My question would this be the correct penalty?

ANSWER: Rule 304(f) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“All players, including goalkeepers, in the 12 & under (Youth and Girls’) through Youth 18 & under (including High School) and Girls’ 19 & under age classifications are required to wear a colored (non-clear) internal mouthpiece that covers all the remaining teeth of one jaw, customarily the upper. It is strongly recommended, in all classifications, that all players wear a mouthpiece form fitted by a dentist.
For the first violation of this rule, the team shall be issued a warning. A misconduct penalty for an equipment violation shall be assessed to any player or goalkeeper of that team for a subsequent violation during that game.”

QUESTION: Is it a game misconduct when you receive two misconduct penalties in the same game?

ANSWER: Rule 404(a) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“For the second misconduct penalty assessed to the same player during the same game, a game misconduct penalty shall be assessed to that player in lieu of the second misconduct penalty.”

QUESTION: A player receives a minor plus misconduct for boarding.  In the third period, the same player tries to break up a fight and receives a game misconduct under rule 615(d) for being the first player into an altercation. 
My league insists that the score-sheet should have had an additional game misconduct assessed to this player as a result of rule 601(e)(4) because the game misconduct was the player's second misconduct in the game.

ANSWER: A Game Misconduct does not apply to Rule 601(e)4 in the USA Hockey Playing Rules. Rule 601(e)4 was applied to hold players accountable for multiple actions that warrant Misconduct penalties. A Game Misconduct results in the player immediately being removed from the game, therefore this Rule 601(e)4  does not apply.