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2018-19 ATO Season: Week 1

By USA Hockey, 09/07/18, 6:15AM MDT



QUESTION: I've completed Membership Registration for this season but did not receive a Rule Book. Do I need to request one?

ANSWER: During non-Rule Change years, only new Level 1 Officials receive a hard copy of the USA Hockey Playing Rules. All rule books distributed during the 2017-18 Season will be valid through 2020-21. Replacement copies can be bought at the Officials Wearhouse.

QUESTION: Is there a study guide available for the Closed Book Exams?

ANSWER: The best study guides for all exams continue to be the USAH Rule Book, and Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Officiating Manuals.

QUESTION: I've tried multiple times to register for a classroom seminar, but the USAH Courses system won't let me complete registration.

ANSWER: As a reminder, officials must complete Membership Registration before any other step. Once Membership Registration is complete, access to Seminar Registration, the Open Book Exam and Online Education Modules will be granted within 24-hours.

QUESTION: I completed SafeSport Training but it is not appearing in my USAH Courses Profile.

ANSWER: Due to the fact that SafeSport Training and the Online Education Modules are hosted on third-party systems, it can take 2 - 4 days for credit to appear in your USAH Courses Profile.

QUESTION:  The Level 3 Open Book Exam used to be 100 questions, but now it's only 50. What changed?

ANSWER: During 2018 USAH Annual Congress, the District Referees-in-Chief decided to cut the Open Book Exams back to 50 "Level Specific" questions. So L2's, L3's and L4's are no longer taking the exact same exam anymore. Each Level OB Exam will have questions specific to the expected level of rule knowledge for that level.