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How The Hockey IntelliGym Paved The Way for a Minnetonka High School State Championship

By Jackson Wightman, 04/26/18, 1:00PM MDT


Minnetonka earns 2018 Minnesota State AA Championship

If success tastes sweet then the Minnetonka’s High School’s boys hockey team were kids in a candy store this year.

It was an incredible season by any stretch. In 2018 they won the State AA Championship, the Section 2 AA crown and were Lake Conference Co-Champions.

They were an offensive juggernaut, scoring 177 goals, the second most in school history. The Minnetonka boys won 13 games in row enroute to being crowned state champs. Runs like this aren’t commonplace at any level in any sport.

This level of performance inevitably involves a combination of factors operating at the same. Clearly talent, coaching, determination, training and team chemistry have to be there. So too does a little bit of luck delivered at the right times.

There also may have been an added advantage that helped the team’s hockey sense.

“We had the guys train off ice with a tool called The Hockey IntelliGym,” said Coach Sean Goldsworthy. “It’s a program that they could use on their personal computers and so they could train from anywhere.”

The Hockey IntelliGym helps players hone spatial awareness, position themselves better without the puck and anticipate the play better. It has been used by thousands of hockey players of all levels. USA Hockey has used it for the National Team Development Program (NTDP) since 2009. During this time they’ve won 28 gold medals in international tournaments, including seven IIHF World Championships.

'We believe the use of IntelliGym supplemented our on-ice drills that implement multiple decisions with and without the puck. Our younger players were able to adjust earlier to the high school level of play, helping them move the puck faster and more efficiently. It was a great tool for our style of play which is all about thinking fast and playing fast,” explained Goldsworthy.

The Minnetonka boys use of The Hockey IntelliGym helped them succeed against top notch competition (indeed they had the second hardest schedule in the state according to Minnhock).

“I’m proud of our guys, and happy we implemented this program into our training,” said Goldsworthy.

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