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Week 19

By USA Hockey, 01/08/18, 10:15AM MST


QUESTION: What kind of penalty can be given if a player swears during a game?

ANSWER: Rule 601 in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“A misconduct penalty shall be assessed to any player who commits the following actions:
(2) Using obscene, profane or abusive language to any person anywhere in the rink before, during or after the game.”

QUESTION: Team A is currently short handed. A delayed penalty is called on Team B. Team A skates down ice and scores on Team B. Is the delayed penalty on Team B negated or served. Since team A was technically SH when they scored should the delayed penalty still be served by Team B?

ANSWER: If a short-handed team scores a goal during a delayed penalty on their opponent the delayed penalty is recorded but not served. The fact that the scoring team was short-handed has no effect on the situation.

QUESTION: I have a question about Rule 202.  My son is a mite goaltender. Can he wear a Captain's "C" on his jersey?

ANSWER: The USA Hockey Playing Rules permit any player or goalkeeper to wear a captain’s “C” on their sweater. However, only one player may be noted as “Captain” on the game sheet and will have the privileges of acting as captain during the game.

QUESTION: The referee manual states that there can be a penalty box attendant, but USA Hockey rules say no one is allowed to be in the penalty box with the exception of an off ice official. What is considered an off ice official and how do I become one?

ANSWER: A Penalty Box Attendant is an Off-ice Official and has the privilege of making sure players leave the Penalty Bench at the correct time. In almost all cases, Off-ice Officials are recruited by the teams involved in the game. You can contact your Local Hockey Association for more information.

QUESTION: Can bantams play two games in a row or do they need to have a certain amount of times between games?

ANSWER: Unfortunately we cannot answer this question since it does not specifically regard the USA Hockey Playing Rules.

We encourage you to contact your District or State Registrar (through your local hockey association) with this question. Registrars are responsible for tracking all team rosters and player eligibility in their respective areas.