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Week 18

By USA Hockey, 12/31/17, 2:45PM MST


QUESTION: My daughter's Pee-wee team is in a Hockey Tournament. On the second day, the team we played had overaged players on the team! The opposing team won, obviously due to the older player's skill. What should happen in this event?

ANSWERWe recommend bringing this issue to the Tournament Director since they are the governing body of the event, and oversee the eligibility of teams.

QUESTION: When a team is short handed and a player on the ice of the Short handed team commits a penalty and during the delayed period of the penalty the team on the power play scores, how does that impact the penalties? Typically the two minute penalty is not served but if there is another player in the box which penalty is terminated and which continues to be served?

ANSWER: When a team is short-handed by a minor penalty, and a second “delayed” penalty is being signaled, and the power-play team scores, the penalty currently being served is terminated and the delayed penalty is assessed and served in the normal manner. Play resumes 5 vs. 4.

QUESTION: Rule 612(a) lists three instances where the face off is to be conducted at center ice. are there any other instances, e.g. a last play face off, where the center ice dot may be used?

ANSWER: Center ice may be used for Last Play face-offs.

QUESTION: Is the CCM Pro 160S Hockey Referee Jersey allowed to be worn by officials in USA Hockey? Unsure if the sleeves are allowed or not.

ANSWER: Strictly speaking, the “traditional” hockey referee sweater (no mesh underarms) is the approved USA Hockey Sweater. However, USAH does understand that some officials might be limited for sweater options due to cost or what is available in local stores. If cost and availability is no option, then USAH encourages the traditional sweater.

QUESTION: If a Bantam player in MN gets 5 penalties in a game is he suspended for the next game?

ANSWERRule 401(b) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“Any player, except in Adult age classifications, who receives five penalties in the same game shall be assessed a game misconduct penalty.”

Furthermore, all Game Misconduct penalties require a one-game suspension.