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5 Mobile Coach Ideas to Help Your Team

By USA Hockey, 12/19/17, 1:00PM MST


Use these tips to up your coaching game using USA Hockey's coaching app

Coaches are always looking for ways to improve themselves and their teams. With that in mind we bring you five tips to get the most out of the recently updated USA Hockey Mobile Coach app.

1. Team Activity Challenge

Who says development has to stop outside of practice? Mobile Coach has a unique activity tracker, including the new goaltender activity tracker, that provides an easy interface for tracking an individual player through a game.

Idea: Take your team to an NHL, College or High School game and have them each use Mobile Coach on their phone or tablet to track a player. Emphasize shift length, number of passes, etc., using Mobile Coach and meet as a team after the game to let each player discuss what they learned from the data.

Watch the Activity Tracker Tutorial

2. Take the Plan Analyzer Challenge

New to Mobile Coach 4.0 is the Practice Plan Analyzer. The first of its kind in any hockey coaching app, the tool gives you a chance to compare your custom built practice plan against USA Hockey age-specific guidelines.

Idea: Build a custom practice plan for your team then run the analyzer to see how you do. If your plan passes the analysis tweet out the result to let people know! Better yet, share the plan directly from the app by email, text or social media.

Watch the Practice Plan Builder & Analyzer Tutorial

3. Player's Choose a Drill

Mobile Coach features a library of nearly 1,500 videos, small area games and drills.

Idea: Assign a player to search the app to find a drill or small area game they think would be good for the team. Rotate through the team challenging the players to find a new quality drill each time. This will provide variety to your practices and give your players insight into planning.

4. Design a Drill or Small Area Game

New to Mobile Coach is a customizable digital whiteboard usable on phones AND tablets. Better yet, a drill or small area game designed on one device will sync to your other devices through the app login.

Idea: Use Whiteboard to design a custom drill or small area game. You can then share the drill directly from the app by text, email or social media to other Mobile Coach users.

Bonus* Build a custom practice plan and add your new drill or small area game into your own plan!

5. Share With Parents

Communication with parents is key to a coach's success. Mobile Coach is a great app for parents too and can help with communication.

Idea: Invite parents to download the app and use Activity Tracker to help the team gathering info on practices and games. This keeps the parents engaged and focused on development in a positive way.

Furthermore, you can share upcoming practice plans (either pre-loaded plans or ones you build) directly from the app using text, email or social media. You can also share a specific drill or dryland activity that you want a parent to share with their player away from the rink.

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