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Week 15

By USA Hockey, 12/10/17, 9:15PM MST


QUESTION: When can you legally go into the crease and score a goal?

ANSWER: Attacking players may not enter the goalkeeper’s crease unless the puck is located within the crease, or the goalkeeper is removed from the crease.

QUESTION: Is there a rule that permits fans/parents from using artificial noise makers at a youth hockey game?

ANSWER: There are no rules within USA Hockey prohibiting the use of noise-makers. However, if the noise-maker is detrimental to the game (whistle, buzzer, etc.) then the team that those spectators represent should make sure this noise-maker is not used.

QUESTION: If Team A  Ices the puck from it's D zone and during the play team B is called for interference, Where does the ensuing face off take place?

ANSWER: Rule 409(a) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“Should an infraction of the rules be committed by a player of the team in possession and control of the puck, the Referee shall immediately stop play and assess the penalty(s) to the offending player(s)…

…The resulting face–off will take place at the nearest face-off location where play was stopped unless:
(2) the stoppage of play was the result of a non-offending team icing the puck, shooting the puck out of play from their defending zone or the puck becomes unplayable in the defending zone, in which case the face-off will take place at the nearest neutral zone faceoff spot.”

QUESTIONIn leagues that prohibit slap shots, what should be the criteria for a "slap shot"? There is a wide disparity among referees and I wonder if USA Hockey has a ruling.

ANSWER: Rule 621(d) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“The use of the “slap shot” in the Youth and Girls’ 10 & under age classifications and below is prohibited. When a player who, in the process of making a forehand or backhand shot or pass, raises the blade of the stick above his waist as part of the backswing, play shall be stopped immediately and a face-off is conducted at one of the end zone face-off spots of the offending team.”

QUESTIONIf a player uses a broken stick as a "weapon" or "instrument" to slash another player was penalty shall be assessed to that player? 

ANSWER: Rule 602(a) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“A match penalty shall be assessed to any player or team official who deliberately injures or attempts to injure any opposing player or team official.

In all cases when a match penalty is assessed, a game report shall be filed with the proper authorities for further disciplinary action.

(Note) All incidents of attempt to injure/deliberate injury of game officials should be penalized under Rule 601(f.1).”