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Week 14

By USA Hockey, 12/03/17, 6:45PM MST


QUESTION: Does a ref have the right to call a play dead if he loses sight of the puck when it is in front of the crease and the goalie is not down to cover it up?

ANSWER: An official should stop play if he/she decides the goalkeeper has control of the puck. However, if the puck is loose in front of the net there is no reason to stop play. The official must always skate hard and position him/herself in the best place to make sure a premature whistle does not happen.

QUESTION: Who’s job is it to shut the penalty box doors in an adult league with no penalty bench attendants?

ANSWER: It is the responsibility of the penalized player to make sure the penalty box door is completely shut after leaving the penalty box (if no Penalty Box Attendant is assigned). The On-Ice Officials cannot drop their focus from the game to monitor this, and the Timekeeper most likely will not have access to the penalty box doors.

QUESTION: A player from team A is assessed a minor penalty for tripping.  30 seconds later coincidental minors are assessed to a player from team A and team B.  Play ensues as a 5 on 4.  Question is: does the original player from team A have to wait for a stoppage of play before returning to the ice? Or does he/she return to play immediately when penalty time expires?

ANSWER: Your situation looks like this,





#3 – 2min



#17 – 2min

#23 – 2min

In this case, #3 has put Team A one player short, and #17’s & #23’s minors offset. #3 would leave the penalty bench immediately as soon as his minor expires or terminates after a goal. #17 & #23 are substituted for on the ice, so they must wait for the first stoppage after two minutes of game time before they can leave.

Can a player score a goal that counts if he is wearing a jersey not listed in the game record?

ANSWER: Situation #1 under Rule 203 in the USA Hockey Playing Rules Casebook states,

“A player is listed on the game score-sheet as “Doe #14.” It is brought to the Referee’s attention that Doe is wearing #16 and no other player is listed as #16. Should Doe be allowed to participate further in the game and without penalty to his team?

Yes. Rule References 203(a & b).

As long as the player’s name is on the score-sheet, he may participate in the game (without penalty to his team), even though his number may be listed incorrectly. The number should be changed on the score-sheet as soon as this situation arises.

Likewise, had two players on the same team been wearing each other’s jersey, they shall both be allowed to participate in the game as long as their names are listed on the score-sheet. Their numbers shall be corrected on the score-sheet as soon as the situation is noticed, without penalty.”

QUESTION: If a player gets 5 penalties in one game (Bantam Level) and is removed from the ice and told he will have to miss the next game, if the game said to miss has been cancelled by the opposing team, does that count as the game the player is to sit out?

ANSWER: The Ask the Official Forum and USAH National Office does not handle suspensions or discipline of any kind. You must contact your local governing disciplinary body (league, association, Affiliate, etc.) to receive an answer to your question.