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Week 11

By USA Hockey, 11/13/17, 2:45PM MST


QUESTION: Was at a game this weekend. When the 2nd period ended the rink manager said the game was over because we were out of time. Saying the prior two or three games went long. The refs thought there was enough time. What would you do in this situation. 

ANSWER: Unfortunately there is nothing the game officials can really do in your situation. Ultimately, the Local Hockey Association purchases the ice slots and schedules the games,  and they are responsible for managing the ice slots (determining period length, etc.) to ensure the games can be completed. This might mean a Mercy Rule or Running Clock needs to be used to ensure games don’t extend beyond the ice slots, but again the Local Hockey Association would need to declare that.

The only possible choice for the game officials in your situation (assuming the coaches don’t agree on a winner) is “suspend” the game and the governing body of the game (League, Hockey Association, etc.) needs to determine how the game will be decided.

QUESTION: Recently I was scheduled to officiate a hockey game. One team did not show up so the other team had half of their players wear another jersey and asked us to stay and officiate a scrimmage. Is this legal? Are we still protected by USAH?

ANSWER: As long as all participants (coaches & players) are registered with USA Hockey and the scrimmage follows USA Hockey Playing Rules then the officials would be covered under USA Hockey Membership Benefits.

QUESTION: Goalie is spilt on ice his upper body is forward and he/she is unaware where the puck is. The puck is against the leg pad exposed.  Defensive player holds the puck tight against the goalies pad. Several players attempt to dislodge but cannot. Should defensive player be assessed delay of game?

ANSWER: Strictly speaking holding the puck against the boards, goal frame, or goalkeeper’s leg-pad is not an automatic stoppage. During the time the attacking players are attempting to play the puck it’s pretty likely the goalkeeper will figure out what is going on and cover the puck himself. Therefore, as long as the attacking players are only attempting to play the puck they should not be assessed any penalty. As long as the defending player is only using his stick to hold the puck near the goalkeeper (not covering it with a hand or falling on it) then he should not be assessed a Delay of Game penalty.

QUESTION: Is a USA Hockey official allowed to wear gloves while officiating a game?

ANSWER: Gloves are not a piece of official equipment for ice hockey officials. However, we certainly understand if the temperature in some rinks mandate that an official must wear gloves to prevent serious discomfort or physical harm. Ultimately all officials must decide whether gloves are necessary.

QUESTION: Can the goalie go to their respective bench during any time-out without permission during the game or only during the timeout in which a goaltender is warming up?

ANSWER: Goalkeepers are allowed to go to their team bench during a time-out regardless of the reason for the time-out.