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Week 6

By USA Hockey, 10/10/17, 5:00PM MDT


QUESTION: Puck is fired down the ice from behind the red line. Proceeds to hit the goal post and caroms into the corner behind the goal line (not into the net). Puck was not played (and could not have been played) by any player on the defending team. Does this constitute icing?

ANSWER: If the puck is shot from behind the center red line (even strength) and it crosses the opponent’s goal line after striking the goal frame icing shall be called. There is no rule in the USA Hockey Playing Rules that allows an official to disallow an icing call for this.

QUESTION: In Girls 12U AAA, we have only one goalie and she may be injured. Can you pull an emergency goalie up for back up? 

ANSWER: We cannot answer this question at this forum since it does not regard the Playing Rules of the game and the duties of on-ice officials. We recommend contacting your USA Hockey District Registrar for more information. Contact information can be found in the USA Hockey Annual Guide which is located under the ABOUT tab of

QUESTION: How do I qualify injury for a major and game misconduct?

ANSWER: There is no textbook definition of an injury. A player may return to the bench after laying on the ice, only to leave for the locker room two minutes later. A player may return to the game immediately, only to have a concussion diagnosed after the game. This subject is simply too subjective to define.

In the case of penalties, almost all officials are not trained medical personnel and not all injuries are obvious. Therefore all officials are instructed to be patient while watching the player as he recovers and make the best judgment possible when determining a major vs. a minor. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

QUESTION: After the puck has been dropped Team A gains possession and sends the puck into Team B defensive zone to get a change. After Team B gains possession of the puck, two Team A players leave the ice and three team A players jump on the ice. Team B maintains puck possession without any Team A player touching it. Team A has 7 players on the ice,1 Goalie and 6 skaters. At what point can the official blow the whistle and call a bench penalty. As soon as he counts 6 skaters for team A , when the 6th team A player touches the puck or when any Team A player touches the puck?

ANSWER: When Team A causes an illegal substitution but Team B has possession and control of the puck, the officials must wait until any player on Team A gains possession and control of the puck before assessing the Too Many Players penalty. This is no different than any other type of penalty infraction.

QUESTION: If the net is "off" and a goal is scored before official blows whistle due to the net being off, does the goal count?

ANSWER: Play should be stopped immediately anytime the goal frame is removed from its normal position. Therefore, any goal that is scored after the goal frame has been moved off the goal line (out of its normal position) should be disallowed.