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Week 3

By USA Hockey, 09/18/17, 10:00AM MDT



QUESTION: During a stoppage of play, a team substitutes their goalkeeper with their back-up goalkeeper. When may the original goalkeeper return to play?

ANSWER: At the next stoppage following ensuing face-off. Any time a goalkeeper is substituted for by another goalkeeper during a stoppage in play, he/she must wait until the next stoppage to return.

QUESTION: During a game using the Four-Official System, one of the officials either "no shows" or becomes sick and must leave. What officiating system should the on-ice officials revert to?

ANSWER: The traditional Three-Official System (1 referee / 2 linesmen) should be used anytime a game uses three officials.

QUESTION: How should on-ice officials interpret "deliberately" with regard to Rule 615(c) and removing an opponent's helmet during an altercation?

ANSWER: There is no "black and white" guideline to determine the intent of a player and therefore the on-ice officials will have to use good awareness and judgment while engaging with players. The spirit and intent of this rule is to apply a stricter penalty to a player who attempts to injure an opponent (deliberately removing the helmet) vs. a player who trades pushes or punches with an opponent and as a result of his actions removes the opponent's helmet.

QUESTION: Who makes the determination regarding the use of Overtime or Shootouts?

ANSWER: This would be decided by the League or Tournament Committee following the guidelines in Rule 638.

QUESTION: A team has three players in the penalty box each with a minor penalty (currently playing 5 vs. 3). Player #1's minor expires but he must wait to return to play (Player #3's minor now begins. Twenty seconds later, Player #2's minor expires and the team is entitled to four players on the ice. Who returns first?

ANSWER: Player #1 immediately returns to the ice, and Player #2 will return at the next stoppage.