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Week 2

By USA Hockey, 09/12/17, 12:45PM MDT



QUESTION: During a game, a coach uses an iPad to capture game video to coach his players. After a big hit, the coach calls the referee over to the bench to discuss the hit and show him the video. After receiving a bench minor penalty, may the coach continue to use the iPad on the bench?

ANSWER: Yes, a bench minor penalty must be assessed for using an electronic device to dispute an official's call. However, the coach may continue to use the iPad as a coaching tool on the bench.

QUESTION: Late in a game, a team pulls their goalkeeper for an extra attacker during a power-play (play in progress). Before the next whistle, can the team pull a player from the game and replace the same goalkeeper. 

ANSWER: Yes, any time a goalkeeper is substituted for a player or substitute goalkeeper during play, that goalkeeper may return at any time.

QUESTION: May a  Tier I 15 (only) team ice the puck during short-handed play?

ANSWER: Yes, Tier I 15 Teams technically compete in the '16 & Under' Level.

QUESTION: An attacking player shoots the puck from the neutral zone (attacking side of the center red line) which strikes off the crossbar and out of play. Where is the face-off located? 

ANSWER: In the attacking zone, at the end-zone face-off spot located on the side of the ice where the puck was shot from.

QUESTION: During 3 vs. 3 Overtime, Team A is assessed a minor penalty to two different players and Team B is assessed one minor penalty. What is the on-ice strength when play resumes?

ANSWER: Play would resume 4 vs. 3 with a power-play being awarded to Team B. Assuming no goal is scored, play would continue until the minor penalty expires at which point play immediately adjusts to 4 vs. 4. Play would be re-adjusted to 3 vs. 3 at the next stoppage of play.