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8U Q-and-A: Do you remember when?

By Ken Martel, ADM Technical Director, 06/28/18, 10:15AM MDT


Adults see full ice from view of 8-year-old

Q: What’s it feel like to be a 7- or 8-year-old hockey player?

A: For those parents who played ice hockey in their youth, we can probably remember positive experiences we had around the game, and maybe some snapshots of 8U moments, but it’s been quite a while since we were that young. Memories get a little foggy. So do we really remember what it was like to try and play the game back in the day? Watch the video below to see adults experiencing the game the way 8-year-olds do. It's a good reminder for us all.

The author, Ken Martel, coached collegiately at Air Force and Michigan Tech while also helping guide numerous U.S. National Teams. As a player, he skated four seasons at Lake Superior State, winning an NCAA championship in 1988.

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