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Week 1

By USA Hockey, 09/04/17, 12:15PM MDT



QUESTION: With the create of the new USA Hockey Rulebook Mobile App, will I still receive a hard-copy of the 2017-21 Playing Rules?

ANSWER: Yes, USA Hockey will still continue to produce and mail rulebooks to officials each season.

QUESTION: Are there any changes to the registration requirements for officials in 2017-18?

ANSWER: No, the basic requirements for all levels have not changed?

QUESTION: Why do officials need to wait seven days before taking the Open Book Exam Re-take?

ANSWER: This rule was put in place by the District Referees-in-Chief to ensure the USA Hockey Rulebook arrives by mail before the official begins their final attempt at passing the Open Book Exam.

QUESTION: Why does a 34 (or below) score on the Level 4 Closed Book Exam result in Level 2 Status?

ANSWER: This rule was put in place by the District Referees-in-Chief to hold an official accountable for rule knowledge each season. If this rule did not exist, there would be nothing to stop an official from paying ten extra dollars and submitting a blank Closed Book Exam in order to be Level 3 for the season.

QUESTION: How much harder is the Level 4 Open Book Exam from the other levels?

ANSWER: The Open Book Exam is exactly the same for each official regardless of level. Level 1 Officials complete the first 50 questions, and all other levels complete all 100 questions with different score requirements.