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The lowdown on 2017-18 officiating registration

By Ryan Williamson, 07/19/17, 5:45PM MDT


Officiating Q-and-A with Dave LaBuda

With the 2017-18 season just around the corner, officials will soon be tasked with their annual registration duties. As always, officials will have to sign-up online, complete exams and attend an officiating seminar.

While the registration process hasn’t undergone a lot of changes, there are a few changes that officials need to know. Here is what USA Hockey National Referee-in-Chief Dave LaBuda had to say about this season’s officiating registration process.

USA Hockey: What is different about the officiating registration process compared to previous seasons?

Dave LaBuda:
 The overall registration process is going to be the same. The one big change is that there is a new seminar registration program that is much more user-friendly. Hopefully, our membership will be able to experience that.

USAH: What is different about the seminar registration program?

 Once a member pays their registration fee and gives their registration level, they are automatically redirected to a site that shows where all the seminars are located near them and they will be able to choose one from there.

USAH: How long do you anticipate it taking for an official to register with USA Hockey?

 The online registration process shouldn’t take more than five minutes. For the most part, the online registration process remains the same. After an official registers with USA Hockey, they will have 24 hours to access their open-book test. When they attend their seminar, they will take their closed-book exam at the seminar site.

USAH: What should officials be aware of regarding rule changes?

 This is a rule-change year for USA Hockey. There are a number of rule changes that will be presented at this year’s seminars. It’s important that officials are aware of all these changes. They are posted on USA Hockey’s website, so officials can see the changes there. Once each official is registered with USA Hockey, they will receive a rule book and case book.

USAH: Is there anything else you would like officials to be aware of as they prepare to register for the upcoming season?

 I would certainly recommend to all our officials to register early, especially those that are new to officiating with USA Hockey. I would also say it’s important to hear about the rule changes that were passed before taking the open-book exam, as there will definitely be questions regarding some of the new rules that were instituted by USA Hockey in recent months.