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10U+: PVC Pipe Stickhandling

By USA Hockey, 05/12/17, 8:30AM MDT


Purpose: To provide a challenging, do-anywhere dryland drill that improves top-hand control, top-hand strength and a loose bottom hand while stickhandling.

Movement: Perform stationary quick stick movements and stickhandle around the body. Perform 20 seconds of activity and take 20 seconds of rest. The top hand will fatigue quickly.

Technique: (1) Feet shoulder width apart. Head and chest up. Hands are closer together within a standard range. Use a firm grip with the top hand and a loose grip with bottom hand while holding the PVC pipe. Arms loose and away from body. Emphasis is on wrist movement, not arm movement. (2) Cup ball on forehand side of the blade. (3) Cup ball on backhand side of the blade. Player rolls top wrist to stickhandle and cup the ball. It’s a quick wrist-rolling motion, not a big chopping motion with the arms. Aim to minimize the amount of time the ball spends out of contact with the blade.

Progression: Chaos stickhandle in a designated area with other players and/or obstacles.

Equipment: Stick, ball, 6-inch by 1.5-inch diameter piece of PVC pipe placed over the shaft of the stick and held with bottom hand.

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