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12U+: 3v3 Wrap-Around

By USA Hockey, 01/23/23, 1:30PM MST


Purpose: To create a small-game environment that emphasizes working on wrap-arounds and wall play in a tight space.

Drill Structure: Use the dots down as the competition area. The space for this drill should be tight. Turn the nets around and have them facing the side walls (goalies should have their backs to the play). Play 3v3.

Coaching Points: Play competitive 3 vs. 3 in this confined playing surface. Have players attack opposing nets from behind. They should be creative and try to deke goalies from behind the net. Physical play will also be important in this game. Once a wrap-around is missed, play should continue on the wall in front of goalies. Strong wall play and puck-possession battles will occur here. Encourage offensive players to win these battles and attack the net off the wall.

Progression: Draw two lines behind each net. Teams must head-man pass the puck over the line before an attack on the net.

Equipment: Nets and pucks.

Comments: Emphasize strong creative attacks on the net and strong wall play.

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