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3 Tips for Measuring Your Powders

By USA Hockey, 04/11/17, 11:00AM MDT


Useful tips when getting ready to mix up a shake

You search the Internet for weeks trying to find the right nutritional supplements program, read hundreds of product reviews, and finally find the right program for you. The product you ordered arrives, and you see the container holds 20 servings… But Day 18 rolls around and it’s your last serving! Your first instinct might be to call the company and complain that you’ve been shorted (I would too!), but after being in Customer Service all these years, I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade when it comes to powdered products. Below are three extremely useful tips I use when getting ready to mix up my shake:

Fluff it

It’s easy to forget that powders sitting in a container will settle and become more dense. The easiest way to loosen up a powder and ensure a proper measurement is to tip the bottle up and down two or three times.  Rookie mistake:  not taking the scoop out first so you have to go digging around for it after you fluff it!

Check the label

Usually the label on your container will suggest how to measure out the perfect scoop. When the label indicates a “level scoop,” it’s best to simply scoop up the loose powder and either shake off the excess or level the scoop with a knife.  When the label says “heaping scoop,” it’s okay to leave all of the powder that was picked up by the scoop.  When the label doesn’t specify “level” or “heaping,” then a “rounded” scoop generally your best bet!

Keep it light

Once you’ve fluffed and scooped the powder, it’s important that you don’t tap down the powder into the scoop to compact it.  The powder should be loose and still fluffy to ensure you’re getting the correct serving amount each time.

Now that you’re a super-dooper scooper, it’s time for the fun part – creating and devouring those delicious shakes!  Share your favorite shake recipe and tag us on social media!

Scoop Fill Definitions

  • Heaping Scoop
    • Heaping Scoop = the maximum   height that the powder can be loaded into the scoop
  • Rounded Scoop
    • Rounded Scoop = excess powder is removed but the powder height is higher than a level scoop
  • Level Scoop
    • Level Scoop = excess powder is removed and the powder is even with the top of the scoop
  • Scoop

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