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Officiating Seminar Registration Season Open

By, 08/03/16, 8:45AM MDT


Register for in-person seminars now open to all officials

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QUESTION: My hockey team's record is 9-4-2 Does this mean 9 wins and 4 losses? What does the "2" mean?

ANSWERA “typical” team record goes in order of wins-loses-ties. So your team’s record has two ties. However, you might want to confirm this with your coach.


QUESTION: What is the best officials bag? I see a lot of officials with the rolling ones but can’t seem to find the best one.

ANSWERBags can be very similar to skates in the sense that there are many different options for many different preferences among officials. Some officials like wheeled bags since they are easy to move from Point A to Point B. However, some officials just prefer to carry their bags. Some officials want traditional “Referee Bags”, and others will search luggage stores for black bags that are designed for travel but work in the locker room too.

Durability seems to be one of the biggest factors that most officials look for. Are the zippers and stitching a good quality? Do the wheels seem rugged, or will they wear out quick? Is there any type of warranty on the bag if a handle or wheel breaks?

The choice is up to you.


QUESTION: At what age does USA Hockey require not just recommend mouth-guards? Does Canada have the same requirements?

ANSWERUnder standard USA Hockey Playing Rules, mouthpieces are required at the “12  & Under” and above (both girls and boys). Therefore, they are not required at 10U hockey.

We cannot comment on Hockey Canada Rules at this forum. However, a quick online search of the HC Rulebook and you should find your answer.


QUESTION: Both teams full strength, one team doesn't put all five skaters on the ice before puck is dropped for a face-off in that team's defensive zone, coach gets his player on the ice after the face-off is done, the puck comes to that player, he skates it in to the offensive zone and scores, does this count?

ANSWERRule 629(e) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states:

“Play shall be stopped and the face-off conducted at the last play face-off location anytime a team starts play with fewer players than entitled to and the additional entering player is the first to play any puck coming from his defending zone, unless he has first made skate contact with his defending zone.”

Therefore, if a team starts play with fewer players than they are entitled to, they may add the additional player immediately and that player is eligible to enter the play with the one restriction listed above.


QUESTION: If i misplaced my card and crest for the season, is there any possible way i could get new ones?

ANSWERAll USA Hockey Officials may purchase an additional or replacement Crest by following the instructions posted below,

Please send a check or money order for Five Dollars ($5.00), Payable to: USA Hockey Officiating Program to:

USA Hockey Inc.
Attn: Helen Fenlon
1775 Bob Johnson Drive
Colorado Springs, CO  80906

Please add a letter of request that includes:
-  Your USA Hockey Officiating Number
-  Your mailing address
-  Contact information (email, phone #, etc.)

PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH. Additionally, there is no online process and we will not accept credit card information. Once we receive your request and replacement fee we will be happy to send you a new Crest.

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IMPORTANT NOTES (May 31, 2021): Due to the 2021-25 USA Hockey Playing Rule change voting process, classroom seminar schedules will begin after June 25, 2021.

Some districts post schedules later than others, so please be patient when searching for a class.

As a reminder, officials are not required to attend a seminar in their home district or state.

Welcome to the USA Hockey Officiating Classroom Seminar page. All USA Hockey Officials must attend a seminar each season to complete their registration.

Please use the USA Hockey Courses System catalog below to locate a seminar in your area. Please note, that some seminars are hosted "in-person" and other seminars are hosted in virtual classrooms.

REMINDER: You must complete Membership Registration before registering for a seminar.

Classroom Seminar registration is completed through the online USA Hockey Courses System, and will require a profile to complete (Note: USA Hockey Membership Registration as an ice hockey official does not automatically create a USAH Courses System profile).

There are two helpful videos on this screen that will provide guidance to setting up your USAH Courses Profile and registering for a seminar. Please watch them before attempting to register, and remember to record your USAH Courses log-in information (email and password) someplace for future use.

An official may attend any (appropriate level) classroom seminar in the country for seminar credit. Officials are not restricted to attend a class session in their home district or state.

Level 4 Officials must attend a Level 4 seminar to receive proper attendance credit.

All questions regarding seminar schedules and logistics should be directed to the seminar's Instructor using the contact link at the seminar's logistics page in the USAH Courses System.

USAH Courses System Video Tutorials

USAH Courses Introduction

Manage a Child's Profile

NOTE: Zoom Meetings can be accessed through your:

  • Computer (preferred)
  • Personal tablet device
  • Mobile phone (not recommended)

The Zoom Cloud Meetings app can be downloaded from your device app store, and your computer will automatically download the Zoom Meeting Client when you click the Access Link in your invitation.

Officiating Classroom Seminar Catalog

Please check the Classroom Seminar schedule regularly for updates. If you do not see a seminar in your area, please contact your local USA Hockey representatives or Seminar Coordinator using the Officiating Directory site.

Please be advised that due to the uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 health situation, classroom seminar schedules in your area may not yet be finalized or posted. All classroom seminars must be coordinated in accordance with CDC, State and local guidelines. 

REMINDER: You must complete USA Hockey Membership Registration as an official before any other step of registration. 

Officials are not required to attend a seminar in their own district. All seminars follow the national curriculum and count towards USA Hockey registration.

Officials are recommended to register for an appropriate level classroom seminar. Please read instructions carefully.