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10U+: Multi-Directional Sprints

By USA Hockey, 07/06/16, 4:15PM MDT



  • Four cones are five yards apart in a square formation.


  • Face forward the entire sprint.
  • Start at cone No. 1 and shuffle right to cone No. 2 – keep butt down and knees bent.
  • Sprint to cone No. 3.
  • Shuffle left to cone No. 4 – keep butt down and knees bent.
  • Backpedal to cone No. 1.
  • Next player starts when previous player hits cone No. 2.
  • Reverse pattern after three repetitions.


  • At the conclusion of the backpedal, players open hips and turn to the outside, performing a 360-degree spin into the shuffle.
  • Reactive: On coaches command, all players activate reverse pattern.

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